Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 14th Of July 2013

Shane French /

July 14, 2013


Hey All,

Good grief this year is just screaming by.  A big thank you to all who have purchased my Flies and indicators on line. The positive feed back is greatly appreciated and some of the trout pictures you have sent in are awesome.

IMG_0961I fished the Tongariro on Tuesday. All the other rivers were low and clear so this was the obvious choice for me. The runs that had previously gone through had well and truly spread themselves out along the river and so a little walking was in order for me to pick them up. I did a section of river that I haven’t seen for a long time. I wanted to get away from other anglers and so the true right up from the major Jones was a good choice. There is plenty of pocket water up from there and I had a good poke around. Most places I looked at had at least one fish happy to take my Nymphs. Actually to be honest all the trout took Glo Bugs on Tuesday and the rest of the week as well.

The Waitahanui has good numbers of trout in there as of this report. We have had a good strong blow from the SW and it pushed a new run in. The Rip looked like it was getting some serious angling pressure on Thursday night as well.

The Hinemaiaia slowed down with fish numbers going through but still had high angling pressure. The trout coming out of here are a little dark at the moment as it does need a fresh run to top it up. With the wind and rain we just had, this might have happened. I am going in there this afternoon with Paul so we will see.

IMG_0979The Tauranga Taupo came up in volume Wednesday night and has sort of stayed at that level since. I shot down there Thursday afternoon expecting lots of trout in the river but was disappointed. It was quite brown when I got there, probably due to the fact it has not had a great deal of rain and so the top soil got washed into the system. It was slowly clearing as I left. There have been some massive changes in the section below the rock wall, not for the better either. It looks like many of the snags that were creating and holding the pools have either been removed with heavy machinery or have washed away. This has meant these pools have silted over and a lot of the holding water in this section has gone. Last year I fished it in September and had a blast, it was fantastic. The TT has a reputation for changing.

We are into the school holidays now and I expect the rivers to become quite busy with anglers, (if they can get past the desert road). be safe on the water and try to remember etiquette on the rivers. Me personally if I see someone I leave them to it, that way there are no hassles.

Regards Shane