Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of December 2013

Shane French /

December 15, 2013



Hey all.

Very nice to see some settled weather over the past few days. The Cicadas are chirping away happily, it wont be long before all the rivers are producing trout on the dry fly. I go on about the dry fly at this time of year and for those of you who have not experienced this type of sport, you are probably wondering what the hell I am going on about. Well, really there are two styles of fishing, within the many different styles of fly fishing out there. These are Blind fishing, where you fish a selected piece of water without seeing a trout in there. The other is sight fishing for large Brown and Rainbow trout. This is where you actually hunt out your trout, seeing them before they see you. Honestly if you want heart stopping adrenaline filled fishing, then having a large trout you have spottered slowly turn and surface to sip, or smash your dry fly from the water, this style is for you.

IMG_3594My most memorable dry fly experience was with a fantastic enthusiast from England. Dan is a great angler who I have guided many times over the years. If I said to him “put it up 60 feet under that bush”, he had the skills to do it. The only time I retied for him was when the Dry Fly was munted from too many trout taking it :) On one particular river we came across a piece of deep water that flowed into a nice run. All up the whole piece of water was about 50 feet long with a big rock placed at the bottom of the run. This is where we stood partially hidden from anything in the water above us. Dan lengthened his line out and sent it three quarters of the way up, it hit the water with a decent flop and started its way back down towards us. He loosened his line on the water to stop drag, (this is a type of mend) and we watched in anticipation. Within five feet a huge Brown Trout came out of the depths and started to rise towards our Cicada imitation. However instead of taking it cleanly, it porpoised behind the dry by a foot not once but at least three times as we bought in slack line. each time it came up we went, “this time”. In the end we had to flick it off the water as the rock we were standing behind became an issue for the drift. This massive fish spun around and sat right in front of the rock, no more than four feet in front of us. We crouched down giggling and backed off a few feet so Dan could make a cast. This time he put it one foot in front of his nose, it rose opened its mouth and sucked it in. I wont go into the battle but believe me the first run was so blistering it was hard to describe. The top photo is of this great fish, it will be with me forever as the best dry fly hook up I have ever encountered. It is the reason I love dry fishing. We are now moving into this time of year. If you have ever wanted to try dry fly fishing then get in touch with me and we can sort out the details!

IMG_3581So the mission this week was to get into a river system I have been fishing for about eight years. It has a very tricky river crossing at the start and this can change on a yearly basis. If you can’t make this crossing then you are sort of stuffed and it is a long drive back out. We were going to do our usual 3.00am start but a spur of the moment thought had me txting Alex saying why don’t we just camp down there for the night and sleep in the back of the truck. Being the most gung ho bugger I have ever met, he readily agreed to this and by 6.00 pm we were cruising down to our river. We arrived about 1 hour before dark and straight away noted that the crossing was not doable. I was guttered! However being die hards we managed to get across then bush bash our way onto the other side, i’m going to be picking black berry out of my legs for days :( After making the track we then had to get back to the truck just so we could do it all over again the next morning.

IMG_3595Alex had the job of making dinner while I made up the back of the truck with nice fluffy blankets to soften the hard interior. As I was finishing I noticed all the mosquitoes buzzing around, all the doors had been open and I had even had the interior light on. Neither of us had bought bug spray!! Trying to sleep was pretty impossible. It was a hot humid night and the truck was just full of buzzing horrible bitey things that sounded like B52’s and not little insects. We were up at 4.00am and looked like we had the mumps. I’m going to soak myself in DEET if we ever do this again.

The water in the river we were fishing was fantastic. It had deep pools and some amazing runs and riffles. We were both Nymphing and had a standard 3.8 mm Tungsten on with either a Black beauty or a Winged Reaper. Every pool had trout in it but they where really hard to make stick on the strike. We lost at least 6 decent trout before we managed to land one. This river system just goes and goes. The plan had been to get into some of the top water I had not seen before but my knee was giving me some grief and the fact we had been awake all night fighting off waves of Mosquitoes meant we where both pretty knackered, so the plan changed a wee bit.

DSCF0981We came to a very deep pool and that is where I finished the day. There were some nice rocks for me to rest up on so Alex went up a wee bit further. I had pulled a trout from this deep pool when we arrived and had then put through 20 or 30 good drifts to no avail. I sat down had something to eat, lengthened my leader by three feetĀ  and put on a Big Boys Bomb, (4.5mm Bomb). On my first cast the indicator shot under and I was into a nice little trout of about 3.5 pounds. These guys really know how to fight and it gave me a heap of trouble trying to land it with the long leader. If I have said it once, then I have said it a thousand times. ” If a piece of water looks that good and you are not getting anything then change your leader length and weight”, the chances are you are just drifting over the top of them and not getting their attention.

DSCF0836Alex came back looking like I felt and so we changed over to a dry fly rig and fished our way back down to the car. On the way we came across a Brown trout with some real personality. Alex actually got in the water and played with it. You can watch this action and more from the day if you go to my face Book page Taupo Fishing and sign up. I have NEVER seen anything like it!!

Yesterday we had a look at the upper Hinemaiaia. this is full of very small trout that smashed the dry fly silly!! Wonderful water up there and we had it all to ourselves, a few bigger ones would have been nice.

Tight Lines all.

Regards ShaneDSCF1276