Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of January 2015

Shane French /

January 15, 2015


Woot woot, not long to go now Darren….

Hey all.

I hope you all had a great festive season. If you are like me then you will need to walk the rivers in a serious manner to get rid of all the food and drink you partook in, I certainly do.

We have had a massive summer so far, it has been damn hot, with very little wind. I know I am probably jinxing it but in the past February has been the best month to chase our summer trout.  Bring on February :)

I have fished the Tongariro a few times since Christmas. I have been pleasantly surprised at the numbers of good Rainbows in most areas of the river. They are more than obliging to take a dry off the surface as well, although the Blue Bodied Dropper has accounted for the vast majority, they just can’t resist that little Nymph. I haven’t really seen too many Browns in there but I am sure they are coming and when they do it will be a fishy tsunami of Brown. Ross from TRM showed a very good trout on his face book page from a guest staying with him. This looked to be in the 6 pound range and was in superb condition. I must admit I do like fishing the Tongariro over summer. The rainbows sit in that fast bubbly water that most anglers never look at, they can be in less than 1.5 feet of water just fining away happily. If you smack a dry fly down near them they almost certainly will take, its great fun and really relaxing. How much of that water is in the Tongariro!


I still need to have a look at the Tauranga Taupo. I might do that next week with my girls. Rylie will hate me for dragging her up there but it is easy walking and can hold some nice trout at this time of year. The fingerlings from last seasons spawning runs should be active by now and the girls are big enough to biff my 5#. You will probably hear them squealing all over Taupo with delight. Its a good way to get the kids interested in fly fishing.

I heard the Hine has been having some rather good hatches at night. If you are going to give this go you need to stay right till dark, all of a sudden water that was quiet, can become very active and there are some good fish that come out of the Hine each year at this time. Watch for the Browns!


The poor old Waitahanui. It needs a good flush with the pools becoming shallow and a bit silty. I walked up to Gordon Williams with some Aussie friends last week and spotted three fish, no browns what so ever. The next day I looked at the middle section and saw about 3 more rainbows and one decent brown. Gaahhh! Lets see what February does to this great piece of water.

Now out on the lake is a different story. Trout of 4 and 5 pounds are being taken on a very regular basis all over the lake. I saw a picture of a Brown from someones phone the other day that was almost 3/4 of a meter long and went JUST under ten pound, what a great specimen. This is certainly looking good for next winter as all of these trout are in fantastic condition and full of smelt at times. The smelt are quite large themselves which is brilliant as the trout don’t have to work as hard for a decent feed.  IMG_6368

Back Country has really taken off with this weather. The insect hatches on dusk are monumental, I had insects trying to crawl up my nose and in my ears the other night. The water on a big pool I was fishing came alive with trout smashing them off the surface. During the day the Cicadas have been making a racket. I watched one poor sole get smashed off the water the other day. The trout actually porpoised behind it for about six feet before coming up right underneath him. I got pretty excited at that and two casts later had a 7 pound Brown at my feet after a ten minute battle. I am still using a light Nymphing rig for the really deep water and am pulling trout out from this all the time. Ether the Big Boys Bomb or Black Bodied Reaper with  Blue Comet or Blue Raptor is killing it. I got into a massive piece of water last Monday and took two good fish like this then it went quiet. I haven’t used my emerald Green Reaper for a long time but the water looked like it could be good for that. I had also picked up lots of caddis when hooking small twigs from the bottom, (if and when that happened). I stuck on a size 12 and on the first cast struck solidly into the biggest rainbow of my season. I fought this behemoth of a fish for well over ten minutes, my arm ached and my back hurt. In the end I put too much strain on it while it was sitting in fast water and the hook pulled. Although I was a wee tad guttered, it was good the hook didn’t stay in the fish and believe me I know where it lies and what it likes to eat, I’ll be back!! On this particular trip I camped out over night and took a trout for dinner. I used a new rock salt seasoning I have been playing around with for smoking and it was the best trout I have ever tasted, (and I’ve tasted a few). You can buy this from my shop under seasonings and it can be used on all fish, either from the ocean or fresh water, give it a go.


Watch those rocks, they are starting to become deadly.

Be safe out there on the water and I hope to bring you more on our fishery soon.

Regards Shane