Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 15th Of June 2014

Shane French /

June 15, 2014



Hey all.

Its very much a mixed bag out there at the moment guys. With some quiet days angling wise, followed by some rivers being pounded by fisherman! The rain we have had didn’t make much of a difference to the rivers in general. I fished the Tongariro last week doing two different sections. The water was low and clear. We didn’t see one fish in the lower pools and we had good conditions for spotting. From there we moved into the town pools and hooked up on a few nice fish including the brown in the picture, caught by Alex. The angling pressure was zero and it was really nice to fish those big pools and to take my time while doing it. The 4.2 Ml Tungsten Reaper did a great job at hooking a few Rainbows and getting down in general.

IMG_3467The Hinemaiaia is getting a flogging as usual. It has stayed low and clear all winter so far and this makes for hard fishing. There are plenty of small Rainbows in here :(  The small groups of trout that are in the Hine are spawning hard out and this makes for hard fishing. Please watch the Spawning Beds!!!!!!

The good old Waitahanui had a run of Brown trout go through early in the week. There were plenty of rainbows in there as well, some of these were very good fish. I hooked a Brown Trout today while practicing “High Sticking.” This was an ugly piece of water to land a fish in and so it would have been a horror story in the making if it hadn’t of busted me off in the snags. It felt like the bottom when I struck and I was in awe when it started moving upstream. I put maximum pressure on my 8 pound Fluro and it still was not enough to stop it. This felt like a double figure fish!  Even the Waitahanui had lots of anglers on it.

IMG_3477I drove over the Tauranga Taupo late Friday afternoon and it looked beautiful. I am sure this river had a few freshies go through. I need to have a look for myself this week.

We need some cold weather to come in from the South. I am sure when we get this it will fire up all the rivers, so stay in touch with the weather reports and choose your day carefully.

Regards Shane