Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 17th Of March 2014

Shane French /

March 17, 2014


Hey All,

I must be getting older, the months are slipping by faster than I can create reports.

IMG_4475There are some excellent reports of trout coming out of all the Taupo Rips and this includes the western bays. In fact the phrase “Boil up” has come up numerous times in the past few weeks. I have had the smoker going over the past week with some great fish coming out of this water. The Browns are certainly making their presence felt and these are all in awesome condition.

I have managed to fish a couple of back country rivers over the past two weeks and all the trout are in amazing condition, so they should be with the Cicada season we have had.

IMG_4634The rain we had over the weekend would have pushed some fish into all the tribs. These will move through very quickly in the likes of the TT and Waimarino but will spread out in the Tongariro and the Waitahanui.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have fished the Waitahanui a few times in the past two weeks and have been really surprised at what I have found. It received a very good run of both Rainbow and Brown trout two weeks ago. In fact, to be honest I have never seen so many trout in the Nui, they were everywhere. I did ok myself but a few of my regular clients struggled and grumped at me for saying the fishing was good. Sorry boys, it was, concentrate on your first drifts and you will pick up more fish :) I went back into the Waitahanui yesterday around 11.00am and had a blast. Fish numbers were lower than before but with a little coaxing they came up for both the dry and the dropper. I lost a honey of a Brown in the upper pools that snapped me off on the strike. The power of the initial run had me beat!!

This is a good time of year to dust off the Taupo gear and try out the early part of the season, you wont be disappointed.

The bottom picture is of a big tree hit by lightning on the Waitahanui. I initially thought it was some dick head who had climbed up and lit a fire in the nook and then the branch had dropped off :( However I guided a genius on the Waitahanui a few days ago and he took one look at it and said Lightning strike!! That would have been fun to see, Ta Mike for setting me straight.

Regards Shane