Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of May 2015

Shane French /

May 18, 2015



Hey all,

Well we wanted wind and rain to make the trout run and we got all three of those things, in abundance.

The Waitahanui was a little hard at the start of last week with the Northerly not doing much for running trout on this Trib. The water was perfect too. Then Saturday we started with a westerly and in they came, on mass! I managed to fish the rip on Friday morning about 11am and had it all to myself for the hour I was in there. I slayed the little buggers too, using a sinking line and heave and leave on a slow retrieve. The takes were viciously hard and for a change it was nice not to have problems about hooked fish trying to get back to the lake and having to race downstream to cut them off. I went down to my backing twice on one trout alone. I haven’t seen DOC yet on this river!


The Hinemaiaia really filled up with water. A friend of mine tried to fish it on Saturday and Sunday but he thought it was flowing to fast for a decent drift. It should be perfect now. There have been some great fish coming out of the Hine this season. I hooked the Hen above on Friday and thought it had taken the dropper as I saw my Glow Bug swinging alongside it, while I fought it. Then I noticed another Glo Bug and thought “Jeez this hungry bugger hasn’t learnt its lesson”It wasn’t until I got it to the bank when I realized I had hooked the Tippet from the previous rig, my Nymphs were not in its mouth at all. That’s a first for me. It swam away content to have all hooks removed.

The Tauranga Taupo shot up to 1.6. This is the second major spate the tt has had in three weeks. I drove past there on Thursday at about and there were no cars in there at all, wow was I tempted. It will be a pleasure to fish the TT this week and see what has changed because of the water and to see if there are any trout in there.


I fished the Waimarino on Thursday instead of going into the TT, that was a mistake. I walked a fair way, taking my time through the water. I only hooked one fish for my effort. Like the Waitahanui this river gets poached, in fact it gets flogged even harder than the Nui. DOC are way to frightened to approach them on this Taupo Trib. It has taken its toll and the Waimarino is a mere shadow of its former glory.

The Tongariro shot up in volume as well but dropped pretty fast. My friend has been fishing this for the past few days and has hooked into some beautiful trout including browns.

As you can see from my pics the Glo Bug has been doing all the damage for me. I have this about 3/4 of a foot below the Big Boys Bomb, it is a great rig for all the Taupo Rivers.

This week should be a great one so if you can get out on the rivers give it a go I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Regards Shane