Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 18th Of November 2014

Shane French /

November 18, 2014


Hey all.

Spring is certainly living up to its 4 seasons in one day hype. As I write we have strong winds and periodic bursts of rain. Most of the rivers are running higher than normal and have a wee bit of colour. I went down to the Tongariro last week as I was told of a good run that entered. I fished the Hydro, Major Jones, poked my head into the Braids, (or what is left of them), then went up to Boulder reach on the True Right and fished up to Cliff. I then came across two other anglers at the bend above Cliff, so came back down and fished the straight below Red Hut down to Shag pool, true Right. I landed 4 trout about 3 pounds and didn’t touch anything else. I didn’t come across any “runs” of trout and the anglers I had spoken too were in dismay. The Tongariro has certainly had a bad year. I have found that the summer fishing on this great river can be pretty awesome. If you are keen to give the Summer fishery a go, this is a good river to do it on. You don’t have to be chucking lots of weight so casting is more enjoyable and the chance of hooking a trophy Brown is right up there. My Dry Fly Dropper in Blue is a great Nymph for this type of fishing and accounts for a vast majority of my hook ups over summer, when hanging off the end of a large cicada pattern.


If I had the time I would go for a long walk up the Tauranga Taupo and see if there are trout from Cliff up to Rangers. The TT has certainly had great “Trout Running” levels for the past 6 weeks, shame it didn’t come in June/July.

I haven’t looked at the Hinemaiaia for a while. I might pop over there tomorrow Avo for a walk. It has some great bird life the old Hine, with a lot of that owing to Dave Cade and his trapping posse. I might go in there with a summer rig and have a play around. See how many babies are sitting in the shallows trying to grow.

The Waitahanui continues to be empty. I was stressing out about this on my way home last week, after getting skunked once again, (prob 10 or 15 times this season) and thought well what the hell could have done this. Its not poaching surely, because all the Taupo rivers, (bar the Hinemaiaia) have had a bad year. It could be the Rip on the Waitahanui, it has been running along the beach now for most of the Season, it might not be attracting the spawning trout because of this, (in winter the rip fishes best going straight out into the lake). What I do know is that the Waitahanui has had a shocker, it will be very interesting to see what the summer brings on the Nui.


The lake certainly isn’t lacking in good trout and I am going to walk the lake edge this season, something I have been meaning to do for quite some time.

Back Country has been put on hold for a lot of anglers as the rain pushes the river levels up. A river that is dropping in volume fishes better than a river rising and is safer. If you have to put off a trip, do it, better that than struggle with crossings and getting wet. My lesson on that came with the Whanganui River, Brendon Mathews and my Dad, some nine years ago. We were dropped off in a section I had not done a Recce on, River levels were up and the crossings were scary. We got away with it, just but we did not have a great time, actually we had a suck time! Hopefully the “Spring” weather will pass and we get more settled stuff, we could be in for an Indian Summer. If we get some rain and then we get some warmer weather behind it, the insect hatches might come on big time. Fingers crossed for the warmth.

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