Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report For The 19th Of February 2014

Shane French /

February 19, 2014

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Hey all.

What a wonderful week of fishing I have had.

photo 1First up I had a brilliant Aussie boy who could put a dry fly on a dime from 80 feet away. It was a total pleasure to guide someone with this skill. The first day was spent chasing Brown Trout in a special little river I have. There are Rainbows in this River but Browns dominate and they are spectacular fish too. The second day saw us on the Quads and we had a blast picking up big hungry Hens eager to gobble down big Drys. Most of these trout where in fabulous condition and really tested his fighting skills. I thoroughly enjoyed this guide and since I have done bugger all over the past two years it was a nice one to start up on.

IMG_4231Last Thursday I took May and Louis out onto the Hine and the Waitahanui. I guided these two anglers a few years ago and they have kept in touch ever since. This was their first trip back to NZ and hadn’t picked up a rod since their time with me. The Hine had a bit of volume in it and we immediately picked up a good Rainbow on the Dry. Then much to my surprise we picked up a damn good Brown, which we dropped. We must have struck it right as over the next hour we hooked both Browns and Rainbows. The Cicadas were going nuts! From there we dropped back to the Waitahanui and had a blast casting to massive Browns. We hooked a damn good Rainbow at one point that really tested May. After a good fight of about 5 minutes the hook pulled, I really felt for her. Last Saturday I took them on the Quads and once again we had a blast. The trout in the beat we did are notoriously big and they didn’t disappoint. May foul hooked a Rainbow at one point and it took close to ten minutes for me to net it, what a fight.

IMG_4367All the Taupo Rivers have good numbers of trout in them. I have had numerous reports from the Tauranga Taupo as well. There were trout down low and plenty of trout up around the Cliff pool. The Waitahanui is full of the buggers and some of the Rainbows are in awesome condition. I went in there myself on Monday evening with my new Rod, (6# AirFlow Bandit) and had a blast. I used weighted Reaper, (surprise surprise) and a big Cicada pattern. I landed five of these before the sandflies and mozzies got the better of me and I ran screaming from the river.

The lake is “Going Off”. The beat off the Waitahanui is producing good numbers of Browns late in the evening. Jigging, down-rigging and harling are all producing fish. probably the only complaint is the size of some of them. However the condition is excellent.

So all in all a great week with plenty of trout hooked up and landed.

Regards Shane