Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22 April 2013

Shane French /

April 22, 2013


Hey all.

Nice to see the rain. All the rivers need this not only to push some trout through but also to give them a flush, some of the rocks are slippery and weed has become a bit of a problem.

DSCF1559I thought the Hinemaiaia might have had a run last week as the rain on Wednesday night was pretty solid. It was enough to give the Waitahanui colour anyway. As it turned out the Hine was still very low, they obviously hadn’t released anything from the dam and the rain had soaked into the ground without any run off.

DSCF1557As I say the Waitahanui had plenty of colour and the westerly had blown a few trout into the river. I had good reports from here although as usual the trout at this time of year do not hang around and so if you were a day late on the Nui, you probably missed them.

I noticed that the Tauranga Taupo managed to peak at just over .6 on Thursday but by Friday it had dropped once again to .3 it literally got sucked out by the low level of the lake. It is hovering at just over .5 now, perfect!!

On Friday Alex and I shot down to the Tongariro. This surely had to have trout in there from Wednesdays water. It was a great colour and I felt pretty positive when we stepped into the Bridge pool at 7.00am. We managed to pull three good fish from around this area including a 6 pound Hen that I smacked on the head and stuck on ice. From there we drove to the Major Jones where I was surprised not to see anybody fishing. We quickly shot down there and fished Damn hard for 1 trout although I dropped another two. from there we fished up stream on both sides pulling trout on a regular basis. All of them taken on either the 4.2 MM Tungsten Hairy Reaper or this little beauty. Its a Red Glass bead Reaper and it will be on special for the rest of the month.


DSCF1558This little twat and his wife decided to jump in front of us at the Hydro pool. He is on the phone to the police, yup that’s right he called the police. It went something like this.

Alex and I had waded across from the true right and while I fished the confluence of the Mangawhitiwhiti, Alex started up towards the head of the Hydo. Half a dozen casts and a few steps. I landed a nice little Hen and then started up after him. As I was using my 8# I could get right across the other side, where as Alex was fishing mid stream. We both hooked up on trout with a regular occurrence, there are plenty of trout in the Tongariro at the moment. The day was perfect we had met some really friendly anglers and everyone seemed happy. We were about three quarters of the way up the pool when two anglers strode out of the bush and went straight into the head of the pool. Alex looked at me and said “is that on?” NO it isn’t. If you come to a pool and there are anglers in there, obviously moving up, then you should either wait for them to finish or move in behind them. I called out for them to move in behind us as we were moving through and they yelled back that we were not fishing the Hydro and that the piece of water we were in was different. Ummm NO! The Hydro goes from Rapid to Rapid. The lady angler hooked and landed a trout and as they would not move up or get behind us we had two options. The first was to just fish over the top of them but as we are not rude anglers and didn’t really need that attitude we decided just to leave. I actually hooked  a nice little Jack at this point and took it to the shore to land. It was there that I thought “bugger it” they were in the wrong and maybe they didn’t realize it. If they had tried this on with the wrong person it could have ended up a lot different for them. So I walked calmly up to the fool with the phone and asked him once again why he didn’t hop in behind us. Wow what a stress cadet! I was told to get away from him and that I obviously wasn’t a local and that locals new better than I did. The woman who by this stage represented a squawking chicken also added that we were obviously jealous that she had caught a trout and that we should just leave. I still smile at that comment when I think about it. I had already decided not to get grumpy or aggressive as that’s not what i’m about, especially on a river, so I just stood my ground and kept pushing for an answer as to why they were so rude. By this stage the meat head in front of me had pulled his cell phone out and was ringing the police. He asked to be put through to the Turangi station. Apparently I was rude, intimidating and aggressive, hell I thought I was rather polite and friendly.

So apparently the Locals in Turangi believe the Hydo pool only consists of the first 20 meters of water, IE the head of the pool. So my question is what do you call the long run going down to the rapid below the Mangawhitiwhiti? If these two Bozo’s are prepared to do this to someone like myself and Alex imagine what they would be like to an overseas guest or someone just starting the sport. It’s anglers like these two who give the Tongariro a crap name and they should never be allowed to get away with it, hence I stood up to them. I was bought up to stand my ground when in the right. I decided to leave these two alone as the guy was starting to shake and I didn’t want him to stroke out while in the water. We decided to pay a visit to the police station as I didn’t like being told I was aggressive and intimidating, he was a lire as well a bad fisherman. In fact he hadn’t even rung them!!

I’ll be back, it hasn’t really fazed me. The Tongariro is a beautiful river and at times has magnificent fishing in fabulous surroundings, i’ll just stay clear of dick heads.

Regards Shane