Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 22nd Of December 2014

Shane French /

December 22, 2014


Hey all.

Here ya go Aussie Chris xxx

Wow I can remember in March I said this year seemed to be flying by and now it is Christmas in three days! What a mixed bag it has been as well.

Lets start just South of Taupo with the Waitahanui and end up at the Tongariro.


The Waitahanui had a crap season as I keep going on about. Apparently I REALLY upset the apple cart and in the end was warned that some big wigs in Taupo were pissed off with me for telling the truth. I must admit it was a freaky feeling knowing that someone was gunning for me and it was even inferred that I might get hurt and life would become difficult. They didn’t have a set of testicles to come and say it to my face however.  I did get flagged down on my way home from town one day by someone in the loop who gave me the heads up. In her words, she would have hated to see my family upset if I got hurt. I can’t really understand how these dick heads get away with shit like that, as I was only going into bat for the fishery as it seemed 1080 DOC really didn’t give a toss and as our only protection against “Evil” they were the ones to target. I still haven’t had my license checked or seen a bloody Ranger and I spent a shit load of time this year on the Nui, more so than at any time since we Ran the Lodge on its banks six years ago. My conscious is clean there, I have done my part for now. However you limp dicked bastards, if my family are brought into this, the shit storm I will bring on you will be Biblical!

So with that out of the way lets do this report.


The Waitahanui is pretty empty as I write. The Rip has been dead as well from all accounts. It looked pretty good the other day as it strained to straighten up and flow out into the lake and attract the Browns and Fish wanting to cool off in its super cold flow. Then a few days later I noticed it was back to being in close and parallel to the beach. This is not what the Nui needs to bring in the trout. The Browns will come in and the fishing out the front will probably be red hot in the weeks following up to these runs as they congregate out the front getting ready to come in. It is a great thing to see these massive fish in the river and yes they will take if you strike it right. Early morning and late evening are the times to target them.

I have had numerous reports from the Hatepe  boys saying the Hinemaiaia rip is empty as well. I went for a good walk around to the white cliffs from there a few days ago looking for fish in close. I spotted one. I know I sound like a broken record but this river is going to decline really fast because of the lack of insight going on here. I think when it comes down to it people don’t like rocking the boat and probably are worried about what others  may think of them but guys it is our fishery and we need to be pro active within it. You will see what I mean soon, then DOC you will have more than one demented angler to deal with. I suggest if you want a bit of fun with a dry fly, walk up its banks on a hot balmy night and see what is rising, in the past this has been great sport. I thought the Hine fished like Crap on the 1st of December. 1000’s of trout that should have been in the protected zone had been removed over winter due to the extended Limit. Its not rocket science but DOC are making that decision look awfully hard.


I should go for a walk up the Tauranga Taupo with my 6# and a Dry Fly. This river has some great fishing to be had over summer and it is easy walking for the young ones if you are trying to get them into this sport. A light # rod and dry fly is a very easy rig to learn with, so this whole system is worth while having a look at. The reports coming in had the uppers full of hungry trout on the 1st of December, great to hear. They certainly moved through bloody fast all winter to get up there so I am not surprised about fish numbers. As I say great to hear about.


Now that the froggy population is exploding, (good rain levels in the lower pools of the Waiotaka), if you are a rip fisherman looking for some good action. If you strike it right and are here when we get a good dumping of rain that brings up the river levels, try this river mouth as it flushes out Tadpoles and frogs into the bay and the fishing can be red hot.

I haven’t heard anything about the upper section of the Tongariro on the 1st of December. It might not have been as hot as in the past but I bet there were still good numbers of fish up there. I did a raft trip down there in February of this year and had a blast with two clients and that was after it had been pounded on. Ask Ross from TRM, (Tongariro River Motel) he has all the latest on what is going on there. The rainbows trickle in over summer on the Tongariro and of course the Browns move in and make for some great sport. This is a fantastic summer fishery with so many options available.


As I mentioned in my last report the lake seems to be full of big silver Rainbows fat on smelt. There have been some great pictures of these fish coming aboard boats and Kayaks and even of the large smelt they are gobbling down. We just need these fish to transfer through into the river next winter.

The back country scene has taken off with a hiss and a roar with the hot weather and Cicada hatches. I have had some pretty amazing fishing over the past month both with the standard Nymphing Rig and the Dry Fly and Dropper. If I am on the water early then I use my Big Boys Bomb, (deep water) or the Black Bodied Reaper, with the Black raptor as a point fly. This is a great early morning rig everywhere. Once things heat up in the morning, if I am still using a Nymphing set up I just go lighter on the Bomb, (Black Bodied Reaper) and then I go to my Blue Raptor. This point fly has taken so many trout for me over the past two months it is ridiculous. I have gotten a few clients onto this little beauty now and have had some really good feed back about it. If you are using a dry Fly and they are not quite taking off the surface then the Dry Fly Dropper in Blue is the one you want. I have not come across a trout that was feeding mid water that would refuse this tasty little morsel. So if you haven’t given the back country a go yet, I fully recommend it. The fishing can be as good as anything you will get and normally, (if your guide is worth a  damn) you will have a stretch of river all to yourself.


Merry Christmas to all.

Regards Shane

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