Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 23rd Of June 2013

Shane French /

June 23, 2013



Hey all,

The wet blustery wild weather we had this week certainly did the trick. All the rivers received a good run of trout and by the reports that have come through some of these spawning fish were massive :) There has been a big noticeable increase  in condition and size, bloody fantastic.

At present I am smoking six trout over 5 pounds, I have not seen that number for years.

IMG_0778probably the river that didn’t really get the numbers was the Waitahanui. These snuck in the week before when angling pressure was low and the other rivers, (Hine, Tongariro) were getting flogged. Goes to show not only does the Nui have the biggest and best trout, they are also the smartest.

The Hinemaiaia was and is getting huge angling pressure. Some nice fish have come out of here.

The Tauranga Taupo stayed high and as I write is still above Normal although by tomorrow it will be perfect!

IMG_0775The Waimarino was another river that didn’t really fire. I went in there Friday and struggled. The trout I did pick up were in great condition but as I say quite lean on it.

The Tongariro has plenty of trout in there. I have just had a friend contact me to say he lost a rainbow in Double figures early this morning smashing him off by screaming downstream. He is still crying :)

Get here for great fishing.

Regards Shane

PS. I hope all you Wellingtonians are safe and warm.