Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of April 2015

Shane French /

April 24, 2015


Hey all,

I snuck out yesterday afternoon to have a look at a couple of the rivers. I had heard there were good numbers of trout going through all the Taupo Tribs and so wanted to have a look for myself.

The Waitahanui has some lovely fresh run Rainbows in there and I saw quite a few Brown trout as well, some of these looked damn fresh. I have had numerous emails over the month saying how good the fishing is on the Nui, but once again NO sign of DOC rangers. I would really like anyone who can be bothered to let me know, what day and time they are on there and if they get checked. The only way this river is going to bounce back is if the anglers who fish it, help to protect it. No names will be given I just want to be making sure DOC live up to what they say!!

The Hinemaiaia has started off strong this season once again and there are some really nice 4 pound trout coming out of this river system.  It will get thrashed so if you don’t like crowds, either find a secluded spot and camp it, or go to another river. I did really well in here with a 3.8 ml Tungsten Reaper and a Glo Bug. In fact I slayed the little buggers. Fresh ones down below and darker older ones above the second car park.


I didn’t walk the Tauranga Taupo but I had someone email me just after the level dropped about a week ago. He had a blast on the TT and had the section he fished all to himself. he had purchased some Big Boys Bombs off me with some Red Reapers. I threw in a few Glo Bugs as he is a good client but had not bought any of these off me. They did the trick apparently with over ten nice fish landed and lots lost. Good to see that the dropper took a few too.

I drove down to the Tongariro and parked at the bridge to have a look. There were two anglers fishing the Bridge pool, (one each side). I was there for about 15 minutes and both blokes hooked up once. The Tongariro looked really nice!

So if you are heading to Taupo for the long weekend you should have plenty of water to cast a line. All the rivers are clear at the moment and if it does heat up naturals will definitely be the way to go in the afternoon, but i’m sorry to say, its Glo Bug Time!!!

Regards Shane