Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of July 2013

Shane French /

July 24, 2013


Hey all,

If I can give you one piece of information to enhance your chances of picking up trout, it would be to move around. Well that and choose rivers that aren’t too low. The Lake is still sucking water out faster than it can full the rivers so once again the Tauranaga Taupo is very low and the trout will have the edge on you apart from first thing in the morning.

DSCF2629I picked up a few trout in the Waitahanui early in the week by quietly moving into water that doesn’t normally get fished. It had a bit of a flogging in the weekend and the trout were a little on the spooky side. I picked up all my trout on small naturals. I also saw one of the longest Browns I have come across, easily a meter long but very dark. At a guess if this was a fresh run fish in top condition it would have been 15 pounds plus, it was a monster.

DSCF3067I fished the Hinemaiaia on Monday. The beat I normally do very well in saw me skunked :( . This river has been pounded by anglers and needs rain fed fresh run to go through to boost numbers. It was really good to see a DOC ranger out and about, (go Peter).

If you are desperate enough to read Ross’s report from the Tongariro River Motel, you will see that this is the river to be on. Well that’s if you believe him. However I do concur, it has the most water volume at the moment and trout are trickling in all the time now. The proof being the silver fish coming out of the Bridge pool, (yuck)!! At present I am doing some volunteer St John work on the ambulances, every time we go down to Turangi for a pick up I crane my neck over the Bridge and more often than not, a rod is bent. No i’m not driving. The same old story here at the moment, if you are not getting hook ups, or seeing fish then move section. They are in there. Remember to fish pocket water and the tails of runs. If the sun is out, go small with Naturals and try to stay away from Glo Bugs, unless you are fishing first thing in the morning. In so saying, if I am fishing a hole and I have gone through my naturals without success, I will always pop on a Glo Bug just to make sure there is not a hungry Jack in there.

We have rain at the moment but whether that is enough to raise the water levels has yet to be seen. If you are a rip fisherman this might be a good time to cast a line, rumors are they are stacking up at some rips!

Tight Lines all.