Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of June 2014

Shane French /

June 24, 2014


Hey all.

The fresh Run trout are making their way into all the Taupo tribs in dribs and drabs, with the occasional strong run going through to boost the numbers. The cold weather we had last week and the rain that accompanied it sent good numbers through most rivers.

IMG_5110Me personally, I have been disappointed with the Hinemaiaia. DOC, (and I am going to have a DOC bashing session) need to pull their finger and close this river down from the bridge up, this needs to be done immediately.¬† I watched two very grumpy anglers wade through a whole section of Reeds on Sunday without a care in the world and when I approached them about it, I got told everybody does it and the Reeds had been trampled on before! F#@k me this river is getting a pounding, it can’t sustain this sort of pressure. If DOC can’t see what will happen to the Hine they don’t deserve¬† to run the fishery! It was fun for a few years to fish up above the bridge but enough is enough. The whole reason why the Hinemaiai was such a fantastic strong fishery was the amount of protected ground the trout had to spawn in, within a very short distance from the lake.

IMG_5104The Waitahanui once again is being poached like nothing on earth. This plastic with Row in it fell out of a bag from a young local, by the Pig Pool. He didn’t notice it and kept on walking. One of my friends who fishes the straight watched one angler take so many trout a few weeks ago he lost count and thats in broad daylight on SH bloody one. I have been fishing the Nui two or three times a week and have friends who fish it just as much, not one of us has seen a Ranger, so seriously guys if you want to flout the rules go poach the Waitahanui, its a free for all, (always has been). On Sunday while I was up there I met up with Peter Wilton. Pete has been used by DOC in the past to check licenses and patrol the Hinemaiaia. I mentioned this to him and being the good bugger he is, he gave me some phone numbers to ring. A big part of me wants to get in there teeth and all for a chewing out session, however I feel the energy will be wasted as it seems DOC are full of shit when it comes to the Nui and protecting its fishery. I have gone up against them before regarding this and had promises made it would be patrolled. Their idea of patrolling is walking the lower reaches once or twice and then leaving it for the buzzards to come back and rape it. In the 37 years of fishing it on a constant basis, I have seen an officer twice, friends of mine who fish it more than I do now, have never seen an officer of DOC! Sorry why do I pay a license fee? Give Dave Cade a bloody Uniform you pack of wankers, at least he has the balls to confront the people associated with what is going on, instead of empty promises and lies :( and don’t give me the whole “if we disturb the hornets nest” BS, that is what the NZ police are here for.

Pretty disgusted at the moment.