Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 24th Of September 2014

Shane French /

September 24, 2014


Hey all.

Great weather for running trout has seen all the rivers receive some fish through them.

The Waitahanui however has been barren now for over one month. It had a small pod of VERY nervous fish go through last week, with some of them in excellent size, but it was a small group and as I say they were SUPER spooky! The Waitahanui has had a bloody shocker this season. I have fished it a fair amount too, never seen a ranger BTW! It will be interesting to see how many smolt, (baby baby trout) we start seeing swimming in the shallows. It is always a good indicator. I thought last year was a good season for the Nui, so hopefully this is just a shitter. Still, pretty sorry to see so few trout in the Waitahanui this late in the season.


Pffft apparently there are trout in the Hinemaiaia.  DOC you moronic 1080 lovin bunch of twats, I suggest you lower the limit back down to the Bridge and maintain the great fishing this river offers. You shouldn’t be allowed to make these decisions when they are so clearly wrong. The quality of fishing within this Tributary is going to plummet! Bet ya wont change the rule for next years license, how frecking easy is that to do and implement. Bam you just did some good for the Taupo fishery. More like Duh lets wait and see……

Moving on.


The Tauranga Taupo had small groups of fish go through pretty damn fast :) It certainly has not had fish holding throughout its pools. I wouldn’t mind knowing what you TT boys thought of this season. I have heard one or two tails of woe, from some pretty accomplished anglers this season on the TT.

The Runs in the Tongariro are just around the corner, otherwise that was a shocker!! Well guess what it was a shocker for a few anglers, before, during and after the rough weather. Gahhhhhh.


So why the crappy season? I could blame 1080 DOC and I do :) however I believe something  has happened on a bigger scale than poaching alone could be blamed for. It was probably something around three years ago, if I am correct. I believe (and im happy to be corrected) that when a baby trout is hatched it goes through the stages to fingerling within the river system. It  then, at some stage within the first year, drifts back down stream and enters the lake. It stays within the lake until its third year of life and then re enters the river as a Maiden or first year spawner. Now if something happened to the runs three years ago it would effect this years spawning season. So there may be many different and logical reasons for the decline of the fishery, however one thing is for sure it needs help and it needs it bloody quickly.

Cheers Shane


PS. This fat bastard couldn’t lift off he was so huge. Instead he flapped violently all the way up the river where I was headed smashing the water with both feet, prick!