Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 26th Of May 2015

Shane French /

May 26, 2015


Hey all.

Oh WOW what a fantastic start to the 2015 Winter season. This is certainly one of the best starts for over 7 years, by all accounts. Normally you get those early spawners late March, early April and then it can go very quiet for May. However this year it has just been a constant run of good trout through all the rivers in Taupo, (except the Waimarino :( ). This is just what we needed to induce some angling action back into the Taupo fishery as it really was struggling. DOC will have a good year with License sales, lets see if they can put it to good use and not just spend it on fish counting and Blue ducks! The wild weather New Zealand is experiencing now probably has a good deal to do with the continued running of the trout into the rivers. May has in the past been a bit dry and most Taupo fisherman know that a good downpour of the wet stuff will move the trout into the rivers. We certainly have had lots of the wet stuff. Oh and wind, bloody hell!


The Tongariro has had a great start to the season, with big browns coming out on a daily basis followed by some cracker Rainbows. The water below the Bridge has fished better than above and that seems typical of the early start to the season. It’s just good to have trout in the river full stop and like all the rivers, (and the lake) these fish are in suburb condition. The average weight is now well over three pounds in my opinion and that is up on previous years. The main thing is that even the smaller trout are “FAT”, like little baby whales. Go the Tongariro, once my knee is up for larger rocks, I will be hitting this great river hard.


I finally got off my Butt and walked the Tauranga Taupo last week. The river level was perfect 5.5 and dropping. From the moment I got into the water I started to catch trout and they were pretty much all the way up to the Cliff Pool where I stopped. These were hard fighting stroppy silver bullets that fought right to the bitter end. The TT is in amazing condition as well, the pools were deep and snag free. I fished with the 4.5Mil Tungsten BB Bomb and a Glow Bug all day and slammed the hell out of them. The weight of the Big Boys Bomb was perfect to get down, easy to cast and the Glo Bug fooled them every time, it was a great day. The angling pressure was so so but to be honest I only saw one guide and one other anger all day until I started walking out and I didn’t get there until 9.0am What a great river!


I looked at the Hinemaiaia on Sunday afternoon with my Son but we didn’t really give it a proper nudge as I could tell by the tyre tracks and fresh muddy foot prints it had been smashed. Hopefully with all the other rivers producing so well, anglers might leave the poor old Hine alone for a brief spell.

So because the Hinemaiaia looked like it had been flogged, Steve and I dropped back to the Waitahanui and fished a few holes in there. It wasn’t long before we were hooked up into a beautiful Hen of over four pounds and after a good couple of pics sent her back to do her thing. The Waitahanui looked gorgeous with good flow and a bit of a sediment clean out due to the higher water flow. There is even a few new runs that have opened up and were holding trout. I pray to the fishing Gods on a regular basis to let the Nui have a good season and that DOC live up to their promise and protect its precious waters from the poachers. This river has a special place in the Taupo fishery and should not go un protected!


The stand out Nymphs this week from clients who have gotten back to me are the Green Bead Reaper for the Tongariro and Hinemaiaia. Of course the Red Bead Glow BugĀ  and Big Boys Bomb for all the rivers and a new one that I will simply call the Red Raptor for the Waitahanui, Tauranga Taupo and Tongariro. I came across one poor sole on the Waitahanui last week who had an indicator that represented a submarine more than a floating strike indicator. I normally carry a spare and so gave it to him and carried on up. On my way back down he yelled out to me that it had made his fishing so much more pleasurable as he could “see the bloody thing”, you gotta have a decent indicator!

We still have a fierce wind howling up from the South as I write but that is due to drop off over the next 12 hours. All the rivers will be fishable for the weekend and there should be some great fishing to be had. Be safe, be choosy in the trout you take home and hopefully we will have a healthy fishery for many years to come.

Tight Lines Shane