Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 26th Of March 2014

Shane French /

March 26, 2014


Hey all,

Low water conditions are making fishing the Taupo Rivers a little difficult at the moment. A good idea would be the rips!

The Tongariro is your best chance of hooking up on a consistent basis. It has some good fish in there too. I gave this river a very good nudge last Saturday and had a ball, (in some parts of the river) and in others I came up a blank. I got pushed out of a pool by a local guide who had no manners and who really should have known better. He’s renowned for being a dick!

IMG_1474It was a sunny day and so anything with flash had the trout snatching at it. There are plenty of fish in the one and two pound mark that will make your rod bend, especially if you are fishing light. At one stage a group of three rafts went through the water I was fishing. I have no issue with rafters or anyone using the river for recreation and to prove that they really don’t disturb the fishing, I hooked up half a minute after the last boat had paddled through. Lots of Woot woots from the rafters.

IMG_3314I have been keeping an eye on the Waitahanui as always. This had a great run of fish go through three weeks ago and then it went a bit quiet. From the sound of it there has been another push of trout come into this system. I will check that out for myself tonight as I need to blow some cobwebs out. I am looking forward to the first real blow and wet weather to come our way. Its a great river to just walk and spot trout as you make your way up. I still use a wee bit of split shot on this river if and when needed. It can be the difference between hooking up and going away thinking there were no fish in the pool.

When the boats have been able to get out on the lake the anglers have been having a blast. The Western bays have seen some great fishing, “Boil Ups” has come into the conversation numerous times. The only draw back has apparently been the condition of these fish, at times they have been a little under the average weight. Our side of the lake however has produced plenty of four and five pounders to keep everyone happy.

Enjoy the remainer of the warm weather guys as winter is just around the corner and I do believe this season we are going to get a pasting!!

Regards Shane