Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27/04/13

Shane French /

April 27, 2013


Hey all,

What a fantastic start to the 2013 winter season. Over the past 8 days I have managed to pull some great trout out of most of the systems entering our still VERY low lake. I was amazed at how fast the rivers dropped at the start of the week. The Tauranga Taupo got up to a very respectable .6 and then within 24 hours had dropped back to .3 man that dropped fast. later in the week the speed of the drop slowed somewhat as I guess the ground has had a bit of rain and now we are getting some run off. We have had constant heavy downpours and then some nice decent fine spells. Winds are Westerly at the moment as well so trout are being pushed into a few rivers that respond to a good blow from that direction. All this has come at a good time as the school holidays are going on at the moment and its good to see so many anglers out and about. I’m sure the tackle shops will be appreciating the cash flow.

DSCF1578-001Ross put up my report from last week on the Tongariro and my little confrontation with the tool at the Hydro pool. Without dwelling any longer on this I would like to say two things. The first is thank you for all the positive comments regarding this, ta guys much appreciated. The second thing is, I contacted DOC as I wanted to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak. The Hydro pool does indeed stretch from the top rapid entering the head of the pool down past the Mangawhitiwhiti to the tail raid. But hey we already knew that huh :)

DSCF1583The Waitahanui has had a steady trickle of both Rainbow and Brown trout going through for the past few weeks. I have only needed to be on this river for a very short time before I am hooked up and some of these brutes are just that. I hooked a jack of about 4.5 pounds in the Parade on Thursday and it took me all the way down to just above the Cliff pool. I had side ways pressure going on and every other trick I could come up with to keep it from snagging me up and or getting away on me. I had lost my net the day before :( and so needed to beach it. This boy had some super strength and would not give up. I was using my 8# SAS too, loaded with 8 pound Fluro. I have decided to put back the Jacks this year. Everyone keeps going on about putting Hens back because they hold the eggs. Ummm last time I made a baby, I am sure I was there too!  I believe there are more hens out there than jacks so this year they go back for me.

I hooked this amazing Brown the other night just on dusk. Again I had my Kilwell SAS and boy am I glad I did. I was absolutely positive this bad boy was going to bust me off as it headed straight for a snag and I applied the brakes something fierce. God I love this rod, it has the ability to turn a good fish. I thought I had a chance to get him in the net and so unhooked it, with that it took off across the river and I had to drop the net on the bank. I went downstream and landed it there. I had landed about twenty fish for the afternoon and was trying to be fussy with the one I took, so I gave it the final rites with my priest and then promptly forgot my net :( kiss goodby to $120. The fishing Gods were laughing their arses off at that one.

DSCF1582I expected the Hinemaiaia to have risen in water volume with the rain we had but I guess they are holding back water in the dam for a wee while, as it was pretty low all last week. I did hop in at the top for a look see and managed to pull this spawning jack out of a deep hole but apart from that it was fairly hard going. This river is going to be interesting this year as I believe it is the first year that maidens will be returning since they opened the winter limit up. I am sure this will have had some impact on the number of trout who managed to spawn, not to mention the stepping on the reeds :( Time will tell. A nice cold spell with some frosts and a bit more rain should see this river go nuts!

I even managed to have a look at the Tauranga Taupo the other day. There is is some great water in here, it has recovered nicely from the hammering over the past three years. The holes are deep and in the section I was in, fairly snag free. I am looking forward to having a blast in here this year. I heard from a reliable source it had a good pod of trout go through last week but I bet they have scampered up as far as they can by now. BTW Andrew I hope your holiday was a good one, nice talking tight lines.

We have wind and a little bit of rain in the forecast next week and then heavy rain for the weekend. I know this can all change but it is nice to see some of the wet stuff coming in at last.

Regards Shane