Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 30th Of October 2014

Shane French /

October 30, 2014



Hey all,

I apologize for the lack of reports this month. I had an accident at work and it sort of poleaxed me. I am much better now and able to get out and around more easily.

The Waitahanui has had a steady trickle of trout go through over the month but they are moving with speed to get into the upper uppers :) or just hard out spawning making it impossible to get a hook up. I actually haven’t heard of anyone saying the Waitahanui is fishing well for some time now.


The river that keeps on giving. The Hinemaiaia! There are still a few fresh fish going through on this system. There are a heap of spawned out fish to play with as well. I went for a walk up there on Tuesday and on my way driving back down passed five vehicles going up, (at 1.30pm) :( The TT was blown out so I guess the good old Hine was going to get an extra pounding but gaahhhhh anyway! Hope you watched those Reeds guys?

The Tauranga Taupo has had a good steady trickle go through all October as well. Some of those pools below the cliff pool have been loaded. It seems the lower pools really didn’t fish that well this season, the trout moved through very quickly this year. As I write we have high water levels that are dropping slowly as the lake is fuller now than it has been all year, this restricts the flow into the lake which backs up and slows the river from coming back down to a normal level. This is the perfect running water and although very late in the season, the TT should have some extra trout in there when it becomes fishable.


The lower pools on the Tongariro have once again saved it from a total shitty season. I have had plenty of reports confirming this. I passed the Bridge on Tuesday and there were 8 fishermen on the true left, I almost drove off the bridge trying to count them, it had three on the right as well, desperate for trout much? Like the Tauranga Taupo it is running higher than normal and so hopefully will get some extra trout going through. This weekend would be a great time to come down and give it a go. I had some old time clients finally stay with Ross and Pip at Tongariro River Motel and really found the service and comfort well above what was expected. If you need to stay in Turangi then honestly you can’t go past this place, I really do recommend it.


Back Country has obviously kicked off, and with the great weather we have had, it has been a very good start to the season. The easy winter we had has meant the trout being hooked up into are in excellent condition and full of fight. I can’t wait to get out there.

So once again don’t put your Taupo gear away, let those river levels drop then get out there and see if you can pull a few.

Regards Shane