Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 3rd Of March 2015

Shane French /

March 3, 2015



Hey all.

The Waitahanui has some really nice fish in it now. Both Brown trout and Rainbows are present in good numbers. However due to the low water conditions they are spooky as hell, good luck there my friends.

The Hinemaiaia also has good numbers of trout in there and they are pretty much all the way through. Go in there with a dy fly and you should have some fun. Remember it gets a good rise in the evening. I was told years ago that the Hine never had Browns go through it, hmmm that is definitely not the case, there are some cracker Browns in the upper pools!


I walked the Tauranga Taupo yesterday and although I didn’t see a lot of Trout, the ones I did manage to spot were excellent. This river is so low it is silly and like the Waitahanui, good luck in there!

So if I wanted trout the good old Tongariro would be the place I park my butt. There are good numbers of Rainbows and Browns right throughout this river now. I have now had 4 browns over 9 pounds within a month and a heap of Rainbows up to 4 pounds. These have all taken the Blue Raptor with a Big Boys Bomb for the dropper. The clients I have sold these two nymphs to have come back for more saying they out fish any other Nymph they have used. As I say they take Big Browns as well as the Rainbows.


I watched some poor bugger struggle with a shop bought indicator the other day. The second this poor excuse for a strike indicator had any resistance put on it from the Nymphs, it went under. I was on the other side of the river otherwise I would have given him one of my spare ones I carry. Seriously guys if you use a strike indicator buy one of my ones, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in their ability to float.


back country, some of the rivers are so low they are not worth fishing. I was phoned last night by a client of mine saying he had to return from the Ruakituri because the levels were so low it was like a stagnant pond!!!

I have managed to get out a few times over the month and have done really well in the water I chose to fish. If I fished the dry fly then the blue bodied dropper was the killer fly and if I fished a light Nymphing rig then the Blue Comet in size 14 did the trick. The Cicada’s are still chirping in some parts of the country but if they are not, then try a light Nymphing rig.IMG_6648


Regards Shane