Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding report For The 6th Of October 2014

Shane French /

October 6, 2014


Hey all.

Damn its the 6th already, September shot by!


IMG_5702The Waitahanui finally had a decent run go through but due to the river being so low and clear the little buggers were pretty spooky. Paul and I went in yesterday afternoon and hooked into eight. I have been after trout for weeks now to give away and so we kept 3 decent fish. The flesh was really orange, they were in good nick, check out the tiny eggs these Hens had in them? Paul buys my Green Reapers and swears by them, they certainly did the trick yesterday. great to see some trout in the Nui. I put a video up on U Tube showing our afternoon. Go to Rivergod21 on U tube, I now have over 60 videos for you to look at. I bought a Garmin VIRB 10 days ago and so have been able to demonstrate a few techniques, like the Water load and a few knots.

The pressure on the Hinemaiaia has finally started to drop off. it is probably due to the other rivers getting some fish going through. The Hine has a heap of older fish in there but I am sure with the Westerly that has been pounding in, there should be a few fresh ones in there too.

VIRB Picture

I don’t have a report on the Tauranga Taupo, it should have trout in there as all the other rivers have running trout. The level of the TT came up nicely and this should of put some trout into the system. next time the level comes up I will shoot in there and hopefully make up for my skunking last time I fished it. October can be a good month for the Tauranga Taupo.


I fished the Tongariro today in the most hideous of conditions. I like fishing in rain but this stuff was coming in horizontal due to the westerly. I picked up 5 fish before I had to call it quits, I was wet and cold. It was a mixed bag of silver fish and older spawners. They all fought well though and apart from the weather it was a great morning. I will put a video on my web site of today’s action so click on the video button. As I say if you want more to look at go to u tube and search Rivergod21.


I got out on opening day for a few hours. It was a great day weather wise and there were certainly fish in the system that I fished but this river doesn’t really come on until things warm up and the insect hatches happen. All the crossings were doable however so it was a good recce. I picked up a decent Brown that behaved by staying in the small pool I hooked it in. If it had decided to go downstream I would have struggled to have kept up with it. I have some nice footage of that too on U tube. for those of you with Facebook accounts check out Taupo fishing’s page, that’s Taupo fishing. There are videos on there, as well as up to date reports on the Taupo fishery and the back country scene.

So heaps of options at the moment. The Taupo season is certainly not over and now we have the rest of new Zealand to fish. I’m a happy man.

Be safe on the water and tight lines.

Regards Shane