Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report for the 9th Of February 2013

Shane French /

February 9, 2013


Hey All,

Wow we have had some cold mornings. It dropped down to 3 Deg on Wednesday morning, the hands felt it.

DSCF1224I had a good poke around the Waitahanui and although there were trout in this System, it was certainly hard going. They were quite spooky as well, so I don’t know if they had seen a few people in the days leading up. Its a good way to start your day, walking the banks of the Waitahanui. The Bird life is really good in the uppers and the massive stands of Kanuka are relaxing to walk through. I have never taken anyone to the Swirl Pool without them going “Oh Wow”. I see the DOC cutters have opened up a small ByPass track just up from the Snag Pool. The Bank in this area has been under eroded and would have given out. The work the DOC cutters do is really impressive. I would say this season they are going to be rushed off their feet trying to cut back Blackberry and foliage.

DSCF1244On Thursday in a spur of a moment decision, I decided to have a look at the Tongariro. I had been down the week before and caught a few when the river was being flushed and was hoping it might have sent a few trout up. I was not disappointed! Over a 4 hour period I lost count of the number of hook ups. At one stage it seemed like I was fishing to a gigantic run of fresh Trout. It was a hit every cast. This little darling of a nymph did the trick. I must have hooked 10 trout on this one alone before it looked too beat up. I had been given the order to bring back food, so was trying to be choosy with the fish I dispatched. I could have gone home after 10 or so drifts if I wanted to. Most of the trout were about 3 pounds but fought like 5. Even the older darker fish gave me a struggle, I was really impressed. I was using the 3.8 Ml Tungsten Hairy Reaper for a dropper, a 10.5 foot tapered leader and the Winged Reaper  for a Point Fly. I mainly took all my trout from the faster water and once I had gone through a run I changed to the 4.2 Tungsten Reaper and pulled a few more, due to getting down faster.  The Winged Reaper will be on the Shopping cart by this afternoon.

DSCF1269I was REALLY pleased to see the amount of Smolt, (baby baby trout) in the shallows. This is the most I have ever seen, its a great sign for things to come :) This was one of the very silver Hens I took. This trout is in here to spawn and it’s February , is that a late or early spawner?

Regards Shane