Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Reports For The 24th Of July 2014

Shane French /

July 24, 2014


Hey all.

As like the last two reports I will get the messy stuff out of the way regarding DOC. This is from our fisheries manager Kim.

“I assure you we are directing resources at poaching and other illegal activity as a priority where we have evidence of it happening. We had to call the police to an incident on the Waitahanui on Sunday which was the result of our rangers patrolling the river. We are also currently in the process of moving a permanent fishery ranger position to Taupo, and that ranger will be tasked with patrolling the northern rivers and bays regularly. By regularly, I mean several days per week as standard, and more if we receive call-outs. Despite your continued assertions to the contrary, we are taking the issue of compliance seriously, and are prioritizing resources towards it”.

It sounds good, however time will tell and the only way we are going to know for sure is if you the anglers out there let me know if and when you get checked. A quick email is all that is needed. The eyes of many anglers are now on DOC and if they don’t pull finger for good then it will be a big bloody nail in their coffin. As anglers we need to give them our support by phoning in any illegal activity that we see. Again if they don’t show up, then its another nail!


Another part of the conversation that I found … well strange.

“Shane, you and I are often arguing from the same perspective. I am not disputing that poaching and other illegal activity happens on the Waitahanui. It happens from time to time everywhere, on all our rivers and lakes, but what I wish you would understand is that we simply do not have enough staff to be everywhere all the time. We need help from anglers and once again I return to my initial point, we need information to act on. You can continue to help by please passing on the message to anglers to let us know the instant they see illegal activity going on. Most of us carry cell phones, we need to encourage anglers to save the fishery hotline number and call in anytime.

LOL this is DOC at their best. I don’t want DOC to be everywhere all the time, i’m not a bloody fool, I understand business. What WE want is for an INCREASE of Rangers, because what we have at the moment is about 2 months of the year being patrolled and that is a far far cry from “staff to be everywhere all the time”. Stop making the excuses and just do it Kim, you will look much better in the eye of the public. Everybody wins!

One last thing and this comment really annoyed me. I sent this whole letter to a very good Aussie mate and he singles this out as well.

And finally, without wanting to open another can of worms for debate, I want to respond to your previous suggestion that we don’t patrol the Waitahanui because of “land issues”. Again, I have to say this is simply wrong. We have been there regularly over the past few weeks, and our presence is set to increase there. We have no current issues with respect to land ownership that effect our ability to patrol the river. Whatever happened 18 years ago is a fact of history, not a current reality”.

Ummm there is no debate here. If this was a debate and I am in favour of more Rangers then Kim would be debating against that, which means they don’t believe there should be rangers. This is about what is right for the fishery and there should be no debate on something that a child could comprehend. As for the end of her paragraph, hmmmm why are we asked to NOT walk the road and there is a DOC sign there telling anglers to walk down a bloody dodgy path to avoid this land. Honestly I am happy with the way the fishing rights are up there at the moment, I am not after this being opened up, it was obviously put there for a reason. I just don’t like people trying to pull the wool over my eyes.


Right onto the fishery.

I was told that the Tongariro was full of the little silver buggers so on a very cold Saturday morning last week, Alex and I shot down to the Tongariro to have a look. We did a very difficult crossing at the bottom of the stag pool and fished up from there. The numbers of trout in that section was pretty low. We then moved up to Cattle Rustlers and the water above that all for a few small hens. At that stage we dropped back to Admirals and this is where we finally got onto a few in a small group. The river is certainly not full of them as we talked to other anglers and they had struggled. By the time we made it back to the car by doing another deep crossing just up from Admirals there where 6 cars in the car park. I would have liked to have seen another section of the river but I had some lawns to do and so we headed back home.

We looked at the rips on the way but all of them except the Waitahanui had next to zero flow.


On the Sunday late in the afternoon I walked the upper reaches of the Waitahanui. because of the lack of wind and rain I sort of expected to be skunked in here and was really only out for a walk. However I picked up trout in most of the water I fished. You really can’t beat a Glo Bug on the Waitahanui although the Red Beastie took two from Snag in two casts.

So we need some rain at the moment and it doesn’t look good for that until next week sometime. Time to go light if you are fishing the rivers, out come the 6#’s

Regards Shane