Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 01 of June 2017

Shane French /

June 1, 2017


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Hey all.

What a great month May was. We had the weather that made the trout Run and the condition and numbers of trout that entered all the Taupo tribs was fantastic.

I see that Ross from the Tongariro river motel has posted up about the new conditions for the 2017 regulations. One of the new changes is the number of trout we are now allowed to take home. It has gone up to 6. I think this is a silly idea in my eyes and way to soon out from a fishery that was in deep trouble just a few years ago, with both numbers and condition of Trout. Apparently DOC is trying to Preempt an explosion of fish numbers.What they are basing this on, I have no idea. I thought last season was very mediocre, The season before that was good but the eight before the 2015 season were terrible. Nope, way to early to make that call. They have dropped the size limit to 35cm. That should have been enough… Six trout per day is a shit load of trout!!


The Waitahanui had a very good run of trout go through. In fact this has been the best start to the Nui that I can remember. I have had a bit of fun on here in the past few weeks with friends and family. There are a truck load of Browns in there. I have found that these brutes are quite happy to come on the bite after the Nui has colored up and is clearing. It is in those conditions that I have had my best luck with the Waitahanui browns. I have caught quite a few rainbows in the 5 pound mark too this season. It is not often that a new piece of water opens up on this river as the flow is pretty consistent and so pools don’t really change unless something falls in the river and changes the flow, creating a new run or pool. Totara Bridge has changed this season for just that reason. Unfortunately this has changed for the worse but due to it being a big branch I am sure it will change back at some stage soon. that or I will just go in and blow it up :) I use a wee bit of split shot on the Nui to get down quickly. That is where a few of you Older Tongariro river fisherman fail on the Nui. You are used to your nice long pools and runs where you have time to get down during the drift. You don’t have that luxury in the Waitahanui and so adding some weight can be the difference to hooking up or going home with a blank next to the day.


I have two pieces of water that I can fish pretty quickly from my car, if and when I choose to hit the Hinemaiaia. If these two spots have trout in them and they are fresh, then the river has trout in it. From what I can tell the Hine has had a good start to the season too. from what I have been told, (and seen as passing over the bridge) the Hine is getting a pounding again. Cool good on, that means your leaving all the other water for me :) Hit it hard please.


I have had a great few days on the Tauranga Taupo. This river has spent a lot of time in flood so far this season. It almost broke the high river flow record a few weeks back and it took a week to come back down. I fished it well after it had become fish-able and I had a blast. I took my time with the 4.5ml Big Boys Bomb and a Glo Bug as my point fly. Everything took the Glo Bug but that rig is just sweet to cast with my 8 weight and so I really use split shot on the TT. My best jack of the Season came out of the TT last week, being a solid 6 pounds of fresh silver bullet. Some of the water in the TT is stunning at the moment. It is fairly snag free in there this year.


I haven’t fished the Tongariro for a wee while now. My knee is giving me some grief at the moment and walking across those rocks makes me break out in a cold sweet just thinking about it. If you are to believe the pictures, stories and Vids that some of the sports shops are putting out and of course from Ross at TRM, then the Tongariro is having a stunner of a season so far. I must get down there, take a handful of drugs and do some walking. There is nothing like hooking a solid trout in the Tongariro, love that big water casting too.

We are having a small reprieve from the wind and rain this week and for the next few days, over the weekend. The wind does change to the South a bit but next week that wind drops right off again. The trout in the rivers will become a little harder to hook up on. It also means that the rips may fire a bit as they stack up in front of the river mouths waiting for the right conditions to run.

So take care and I’ll report back soon.

Regards Shane