Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 02 Of March 2014

Shane French /

March 2, 2014


Hey all,

Good grief its March!!

With the great spell of weather that we have had over the past three weeks, things have really exploded on all the rivers in the North Island. Ross from the Tongariro River MotelĀ showed a beautiful Brown trout caught by a DOC volunteer. What a monster, there is certainly nothing wrong with the food chain to get a trout that big, although at over 15 pounds it was probably eating ducks! To be honest I think it was caught in the Waitahanui and transferred to the Tongariro :) Ross was very fast at getting the info out to me, you could almost see the drool on the HTML.


DSCF4179All the Taupo River have good number of fish in them, Browns and Rainbows. I guess the cold water from the rivers attracts them and then of course the food source is phenomenal at the moment. I will post a new video on this site. It is of a back country river Alex and I fished a few weeks ago when the Cicadas really started to show up, they are deafening!! These must be such a great food for our trout and from what I am seeing throughout all the fisheries, the trout are packing on the weight. I have two rivers I am cracking my neck to get into over the next month. I fished them earlier in the season and the condition of the trout was good then, so we should be close to double figures by now. These two pieces of water get little or no attention either.


I did a slow walk up the Waitahanui the other day and the amount of fish in there is staggering. Over winter they are in there to spawn. They do their deed and then head back out into the lake, however in summer, they seem to go in there and stay. I counted over 80 good fish from the road bridge up into the middle reaches!!! I have heard the same reports from the other rivers. The Tongariro must be full of the buggers by now. I am thinking about going down there this afternoon however I have a heap of firewood to stack and so better get out there and do it.

Be safe, get out there.

Regards Shane