Lake taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 07th Of December 2015

Shane French /

December 7, 2015

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

Hey all.

The river to be on for the Taupo fishery would have to be the Tongariro. This has had some late runs go through and now the Browns are due too. If you haven’t targeted this species over summer, you really should give it a go. I landed a 12 pound hen last January and lost an even bigger one the next week after a 20 minute battle, I cried. So with a mixture of Rainbows and Brown trout the Tongariro is still humming along.

Apparently the upper TT, (Rangers up) didn’t fish as well as it has in the past. Tat is strange considering the great year the Tauranga Taupo has had. If you are planning on having a day on the Taupo rivers over summer and you don’t feel like fishing the Tongariro then dropping in on the TT can be a great way to fish the day away. There are good numbers of trout in the Tauranga Taupo over summer. I long leader and a cicada pattern can be a heap of fun. Spotting the trout is all part of the fun, then its an accurate first cast!

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

I think I am due for a night fish soon….

Out on the lake the trout have been smashing smelt all over the place. I quite often get asked where one can fish with a spinner in Taupo. Well at this time of year, that technique can be quite deadly. Walking the shoreline, (especially rocky, or a deep drop off) flicking out a 7 grm Silver Toby, (with red tail) can be deadly, with the strikes being vicious. Just remember to stay 300 meters away from either side of  where a river, stream or any water flows into the lake. This zone is deemed fly fishing only. This is a great way to introducing kids to the art of Trout Fishing.


I am guiding Darren from Hardy’s again this January. We will re visit some old haunts and I will take him into a few new ones too. The poor bugger hangs on every word that we bloggers type out. Hell when he gets desperate he even looks at TRM’s report. A question I always get asked is what do I prefer. A new angler to the sport, or someone all I have to say is “put it up under that tree, 50 meters up” and they do it. LOL is there a debate :) No to be fair I love getting keen anglers that have never picked up a fly rod before and giving them the experience of a life time. many of these anglers go on to take up the sport and seeing them a few years later with some good skills gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I always have a good laugh with beginners., That’s with, not at! However then every so often you get an angler like Darren. Not only can this Englishman cast a mean line, (with weight too) but he is like a sponge when it comes to learning. He has a shit load of experience and fishes with some of the top fishermen in the world, however when in Rome do what the Roman’s do. This is part of the reason he did so well last season, well that and his wicked bloody casting!! I am currently tying him up 50 of my best Blue Raptors and Reapers that I can. I was honored when both Darren and Dave said my Nymphs were the ducks nuts. This is going to be an epic 10 days Darren.


All the back Country rivers are flowing a wee bit heavier than what I would like them to be and they all certainly saw high water levels over Winter. The condition although improving is still a little down for this time of year. The good news is that the cicadas are chirping away now when we get a warm day and so it wont be long before these trout pack on the weight. I have fished quite a few river systems now and they are all pretty much the same with quality of trout. I must admit I am looking forward to some settled weather patterns.

I will be putting in regular reports as of today. I apologize for the lack of them lately. Thank you to all my friends out there.

Regards Shane

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