Lake taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 12th Of November 2014

Shane French /

November 12, 2014



Hey all.

And the late runs continue!  Ross put a post on his face Book page saying that a decent run had gone through the Tongariro, there were very few anglers around to appreciate it. Now knowing Ross its probably a big ploy to get you down there and stay with him, however I’m certainly going to have a wee walk there tomorrow. The weather has been great for running trout, with river levels dropping then rising again. Keep an eye on this space for an update.

Ross also sheared some news given by DOC about the great condition the lake trout are in at the moment, with belly fulls of smelt. Thats awesome news, I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!


The reports in from the lake however are really encouraging with good conditioned trout coming out from all over the place. Brett Cameron catches a few from his Tinny and his pictures show some beautiful trout. Hopefully they will enter the rivers in the same condition.

I did a bit of walking on the Waitahanui recently and was really alarmed at the lack of trout seen. This river had something bad happen to it, I hope its just a glitch and that it picks back up next Winter. My concern is that all the other rivers are getting decent late runs except the Nui, it has been almost barren for long periods of time. Hopefully it is just a nature thing and not Ross having a fit of jealousy and poisoning my trout. Top picture is for you Boi.

I hear some of the pools up the top of the Tauranga Taupo have plenty of trout in them, a few silver ones too!


I heard someone got skunked on the Hine the other day. Shit that must have been a surprise! See that wouldn’t have happened in the area that he was fishing 6 years ago… because that area used to be protected under the Winter limit and  would have been loaded with trout waiting for the 01st Of December to get here. So unless you can prove to me that there are now twice as many trout above the winter limit, I would say we are decimating this river and DOC need to address it quickly. The section Just down from the Water Supply sign, all the way through to the cliff pool used to hold large numbers of trout when the uppers opened on the 1st of December. Now they are a trodden mess with a huge decline in fish numbers! Sigh, Shane beats his head on his key board.


I know all the rivers have had a tough season and I am confused as to why, considering the continuous reports of good fish in the lake. So either we are going to get some really good late runs now, or the fish build up for next season should be excellent. That means rip fishing will be great at times and a few of these fish enter the rivers over Summer! Its a bit of a mystery and my head hurts thinking about it sometimes so i’ll just go out there and look for myself and get back to you.


Back country has been up and down with the weather. If you wanted lowish river levels then you might have had to travel to the east cape. That area certainly has not had the rain like the west coast and central plateau rivers. Many of the rivers are flowing high and will take a few weeks to settle back to a decent level, as rain run off from the hills, (and the odd dump of snow) take a while to drain away. I heard my first Cicada of the Season yesterday, man that sound echoes Summer, I love it.

So be safe on the water, watch your terrain and be aware of when it changes. Tight lines.

Regards Shane