Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 14th Of July 2015

Shane French /

July 14, 2015


Hey all,

Just a short update for now.

All the rivers have good numbers of trout in them, although with the very settled weather we have had over the past week the runs have slowed down somewhat.

last week I fished the Waitahanui and had a really good few hours with fresh run Brown trout. I hooked two in two casts at one stage on Glo Bugs. These fish took me down stream to a point that I couldn’t go any further. There was a very slim window of opportunity to get them into some quiet water but due to the size of them they easily avoided this and I had to lock up and both times the hook pulled. I am using a very simple tapered leader at the moment. It has a butt section of 12.5 Mono going down to 8 pound Fluro. I have found that this simple leader has the strength to hold “most” fish in “most” places. The third Brown Trout I hooked was a monster, well over ten pounds and silver as a fresh run Rainbow. It was a Jack and had a large hump on its head. I had this beast on for quite some time and fought it hard in amongst snags. I had to keep its head from going down otherwise it would have busted me off in all the branches. I was using a leader length of about 10 feet and due to the weight of this leviathan I just couldn’t get it into the net. My rod was bent to the last guide and my arm ached. In the end I had to grab the leader and then with one turn of its body the hooked pulled and  I got the 4.5ml Tungsten Reaper back at me doing 100miles an hour in the knuckle! This was a big fish..


The Hine was up in volume but just fishable if you found some quiet water, man were there some trout in there, what a season the Hine has had. Glo Bugs took everything on this great piece of water. I managed to drown my camera well and truly in here and although the electrics still work the lens is toast and needs an internal clean. So the pics you see on this report are a wee bit old, sorry.

The Tauranga Taupo was chocolate colored last week and took a while to drop again. Reports came in that it had large amounts of trout all the way through. It has dropped right back now and if you are going to fish this great river system then target the deeper water. I finally had a report in that the Red bead Reaper worked in here, over the weekend. This is a really stealthy option to a Glo Bug and if everybody is throwing Bugs then you might want to have one or two of these in your Fly box to mix things up.


Like the Waitahanui, the Tongariro had a damn good run of Browns go through, what is up with that? It has also got trout right through its system from the Delta to the Winter Limit. I have had numerous emails and phone calls from happy anglers saying that the fishing on the Tongariro has been “out of this world” and would have to agree.

I got checked twice in one week by DOC last week! Well done, this sends a positive message to anyone thinking of poaching, that you may just get caught red handed. So the number of times I have been checked in 40 years of Taupo fishing has doubled to 4. Keep up the good work please.

We have some more rain in the forecast this week so hopefully the river levels will rise once again and push some trout through. If it does then this season is a total success and you can pretty much say the fishery has bounced back nicely.

Tight Lines all.

Regards Shane