lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 14th Of June 2015

Shane French /

June 14, 2015


Hey all,

What a massive week this has been, one way or another. I think DOC just shot themselves in the feet, bad move, senior staff and anyone who helped concoct the Fish farming BS should fall on their sword. What no consultation with Fish and Game, really? Its a hot debate readers and as I get legit information regarding what is happening, I will post it. I have had some decent discussions on my Taupo Fishing Facebook page that might raise a few eyebrows and set the tone, so if you are interested in having a read, please go ahead.



The Wind has been blowing West Sou West for a few days now and you would have thought the Waitahanui would be full of trout. It has some in there but it is way down on what it should be under these conditions. As mentioned by one of the Local Anglers I spoke to today, it is low too. Not sure whats up with that, I agree though and considering all the rain I am surprised.

The Hinemaiaia has had another good week.


For the 9th time since March the Tauranga Taupo has gone above 1 on the River level chart. I think all last year it might have gone above this 2 or three times, so it shows how much water we are getting. The TT is now taking its time to drop with each fresh burst of weather, as the lake fills and does not suck the river out as fast. The Tauranga Taupo would have been magic yesterday, level wise, but I bet that wind played havoc at times casting.

I fished the Waimarino on Friday and struggled a bit. The river has been rolled and bowled with constant high water levels and most of the deep holding water has been leveled. This happens periodically on the Waimarino but it always bounces back after a season or two. You will struggle on this stream if you go in under low water conditions.


I bet the Tongariro has some trout throughout its length now. I had a friend try and fish it Saturday but apparently the wind was hideous and more frustrating than fun so he bailed. He was saying though, that it has had another run of Browns go through!

For me the stand out fly has been the Glo Bug and the Big Boys Bomb, I haven’t wanted to or needed to use anything else this week.

We have a better week install for us this week with Wednesday and Thursday looking really nice.

Regards Shane