Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 16th Of June 2013

Shane French /

June 16, 2013


Hey all,

Very sorry for the lack of reports over the past two weeks. I came down with the bloody flu and it dropped me like a brick!

I managed to get out late this week but have had a few reports come in from the rivers and so have more or less kept up with what is going on out there.

The lake is still VERY low and so any extra volume the rivers are getting is being sucked out. Hence the the Tauranga Taupo is Low as I write. In fact all the river levels are low and clear. I fished the Hinemaiaia Rip on Wednesday and there was Zero flow. Same with the Waitahanui. I am of the firm opinion you need that flow to attract the trout from over the drop off. I didn’t need to be there too long to realize I was flogging a dead horse and as my heart wasn’t really in it I came home.

The Waitahanui river is getting a steady trickle of trout. I gave this a good walk on Friday and saw plenty of trout in there including some fresh browns.

The Hinemaiaia is getting flogged and DOC is being ignorant on the upper limit fishing. This section is being destroyed as a spawning area and will / is destroying this once VERY healthy fishery.

They are being ARSES when it comes to the crap dumped on the Waitahanui by Totara bridge. Monday is going to see me have a rant to them and the Taupo council about this. I don’t give a flying toss whose land it is, it needs removing, it is a God Damn eye sore. Time to get the media involved in it huh DOC?  NOT good enough at all. I spoke to them about this months ago and they said it was under control. Well if “under control” means doing NOTHING about it then yes they have everything well under control :( Excuse me why the hell am I paying a license fee?

We have rain all this week starting from Today. The wind is blowing from the wrong direction but it should still push some trout into the rivers. I am out and about this week so will post again soon, hopefully in a better mood.

Regards Shane