Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 16th Of June 2016

Shane French /

June 16, 2016



Hey all.

The trout are coming into the river with increasing numbers as the season kicks off. It may have been the warm Autumn we had in Taupo that made the Runs a wee bit later or it may be that we were just really spoilt last season and that is still fresh in our minds. The trout that are coming through have been very quick to make their way up into “Safe” water on all rivers, leaving big holes of empty water on all rivers at times. The quality of the trout is from one end of the scale to the other. Just as you are freaking out about catching small SKINNY fish a 5 pound beauty comes along as beats up on you. Then for the next 4 or 5 fish you catch 3.5 to 4 pound fat buggers!!! I guess the good news is that not all the trout are skinny horrible buggers. One reason for the increase in “Skinnies”, this season, maybe the large number of trout in all the rivers last year. Some of those fish, what maybe 25% of the overall winter run is made up of “Second Year Spawners”? If the season was so good last year, and it was, then there will be an increase of returned trout this year and if they still need a “feed” then maybe that is why we are seeing a few more Slabby trout. I have talked to a few boat fisherman and they have seen good numbers of smelt around the lake. IMG_0724 (2)

I had the pleasure of fishing Waihaha over in Western Bays last weekend. It had good flow from all the rain we had over the week and was “Ripping” out nicely. One other angler was in there when we rocked up and he had two fish on in the short time he was there. William left and my friend and I stepped in, thinking it was going to be Gold! Meeh, is all I can say. I hooked about 8 trout and was not impressed at all by both size and condition. In fact I hooked one Silver fish that was so skinny I can’t believe it was alive :( We Harled and Jigged the next morning and found all the trout to be either small and Fat or small and skinny. We obviously missed the good fish and that about sums it up on the boats. Good or bad, nothing to much in between.

here is a rundown on the rivers as of Today.

The Waitahanui had fish in the middle reaches yesterday. I fished a few of the lower pools and didn’t get a hit, then moved into the middle section and immediately, hooked up and saw trout. The upper reaches also had trout in most of the pools. I did well with Glo bugs in the middle reaches and then switched over to a Red Bead Raptor in the upper pools and hooked two more. Dave Cade and his group of Waitahanui boys have a done a great job of cleaning up the banks, hell I think there is more rubbish on the Hinemaiaia now. Thank you to all concerned there. I would also like to hear from the group of anglers who regularly fish the Nui as talking to DOC the other day, they believe they are on there every week checking licences!! I must just be missing them.

IMG_0718 (2)

The Hinemaiaia took a little while to fire but it now has a steady trickle of trout moving through. The fish from this system seem to be in relatively good condition. I hooked a great Jack the other day which dragged me downstream for 100 meters. It didn’t help that I had hooked it in the tail :(  As always on this grand little river please watch the spawning beds, they are really starting to show up and can be identified as clean rocks alongside the darker coloured ones. These are called Reed’s and if you stand on them the gravel is soft, this is bad, please try to avoid standing on the babies.

The Tauranga Taupo had a run go through with all the rain and the level took a wee while to drop this time. Some nice trout came out of the TT. I went in here with a pretty basic rig, split shot and Glo Bug, 8 pound leader of 10 feet all up. Trout were in all the deep pieces of water and although they weren’t in any numbers, they were certainly there. Most of the pools are clean of snags. With one or two more high water episodes the upper pools, (or above the rock wall) might deepen up again. I need to have a look just above the bridge to the car park sometime soon, I saw a post from Ross who was freaking out about snags. Pfft bro not all rivers can be long clean glides and deep pools :)


Speaking of the Tongariro. I didn’t get to see this river this week. I fished it last week the day all the rain came in and I wasn’t really impressed with what we got or how long it took for us to get them. Both myself and Craig are pretty good fishermen and we smashed a spot pretty hard for one small skinny thing. It then felt very empty! Like all the other rivers the trout moving into the Tongariro are not hanging around, which means if you are not hitting them, move sections! I know trout are trickling in and I have seen some excellent trout in pictures from Ross and other sites but yeah I think we are still waiting for decent numbers to start rolling in.

There is no real decent rain forecast now for a few days. The odd shower but nothing that should change river levels. The trout that are in the rivers have now all seen a trillion Glo Bugs so it may be time to start throwing Naturals around and dropping weight for stealth. My love of Fluorocarbon is well known amongst the friends I fish with and guides I have done. There seems to be a debate going on about whether this stuff actually does make a difference in catch rates. The arrogant bastard in me wants to jump out and say those who think it doesn’t make a difference, need to fish more. However the calm side of me not wanting to offend anyone says this. When the water has colour, yup it doesn’t make a difference what you use. However when the fish are wary and the water is low and clear, then Fluro is a must IF you want to maximise your chances of hooking up. 6 pound fluro is an awesome diameter to have for Tippets. I have used both Fluro and Mono extensively over  40 years of fly fishing and wouldn’t be without it at any stage while on the water.

Be safe all.

Regards Shane