Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 17th Of June 2015

Shane French /

June 17, 2015



Hey all.

I’ll get it out of the way first.

Yes, it would be political suicide to allow Trout farming in New Zealand, (not just Taupo) to go ahead! I am blown away by the near 100% support for this Not To Happen. There are some pretty stern faces amongst fishermen, if and when this subject is bought up. We are unique throughout the world in the fact we do not allow the sale of Trout, dead or alive. It makes us stand out as a Wild Fishery. I spoke to three anglers this morning who were really worked up over it and had a very good understanding of the fishery. Everyone is agreeing, the way DOC went about it was appalling, back handed and just generally dodgy as Fark!!! There are lots of fisherman now asking the question why is DOC still in charge of the fishery when Fish and Game operate better, period! DOC have blown it with the Taupo fishery in my (and many others) humble opinion. How can you be trusted now!


Heaps of angling pressure on the Tongariro and good to see some overseas guests fishing. I found this morning a bit hard on the Tongariro. I did a beat that normally produces good numbers for me. Granted I didn’t get to fish all the water I would have liked because of anglers ahead of me, I still got to fish enough. The Tongariro is in excellent nick. Those pools have had a good clean out and there are plenty of new rocks to hide behind while moving up stream. I did well with the Green Bead Reaper once the Sun started shinning down on me, prior to that it was a good old Glo Bug. All these fish fought well and it was a joy to be on the Tongariro this morning.



No real reports on the Tauranga Taupo. I almost went in there over the weekend but chose the Waitahanui because of the wind factor. I’m sure the TT had a run go through. I bet it has had a bit of a clean out too with all the high water levels we are having.

I fished the Hinemaiaia rip last night for a change. I got there about 8.30pm and had it all to myself, all night. I had plenty of hook ups with a run going through of Hens and then abruptly I stated catching Jacks. The lake edge is almost not there with the high lake level. I ended up taking my net out with me as walking in and out stated to be a pain. Great night with lots of fish around the 2.5 pound mark.


The Waitahanui had a few small runs go through and once you found these fish it would have paid to have stuck with them. There were patches of the Waitahanui that were barren and others that held good numbers of trout. You just needed to find them. The Big Boys Bomb did really well for me Sunday morning, taking all three fish I hooked.

Nice to see some Sun and not be blown all over the rivers. We have more rain on the way near the end of the week,

Regards Shane.IMG_7245