Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 21st of January 2017

Shane French /

January 21, 2017



Hey all.

Once again I am so sorry for the lack of reports. This has to do with my inability to get out on the rivers because of my knee. Yes I can walk a beat but then I spend days afterwards wishing I hadn’t. It seems the only option I have left on the books is to have a knee replacement. Finding a surgeon willing to do this for me is proving to be somewhat of a problem. If I hear the statement, “you are too young for a knee replacement” one more time I am going to lose the plot. One thing is for sure, I am too young to be left in the condition I am in now. Pain killers are the go at the moment and I am popping codeine like candy, they do enable me to get around but the side effects are a bit nasty. My plan is to stay positive and hopefully the surgeon I am about to see will see the big picture and get me back into what I love doing.


However with that all being done and said I have a fairly good overview of the Taupo fishery and so will give you the rundown on what has been going on here in Taupo. One of my new Years resolutions was to up the reports. I have spent the last 12 years building a web site to give my readers information and at the moment I am dropping the ball. My sincere apologies guys and girls.

So the big question is where the hell is Sumner. We get glimpses of it then the wind comes in, many times accompanied by rain. The lake is still super high and if we go into Winter like this, I would say the lake front properties will be in deep poo. I gather Mighty River power is struggling further down the line of Dams and can’t release as much as they would like. it is a fine balancing act for those poor buggers at times.


The Waitahanui was empty of everything as of the 9th of January when I walked some of its length. Not even the Browns had started to move in. With the high lake level it had wiped out the straight and now enters the lake by the Bridge pool. In my opinion this is great news for the Waitahanui and I hope to God it stays like this over Winter. The straight gets thrashed and poached and a run of trout will get demolished before it even gets to the bridge pool. With the way it is now any run will come in and race through the Bridge pool into more safer waters. The last time the River entered the Lake in this manner, we had a great winter season. Add that to the fact boats have not been able to plunder the area because of wind and I bet we get a nice early run of trout coming through. The Waitahanui had a shocker last year, probably the worst I have ever seen in over 40 years of fishing it, anything will be better than last season.


The Hinemaiaia had lots of small trout in it from a busy spawning season but it defiantly did not have any numbers of decent trout that it normally gets over summer. Once again I blame the weather and it will be interesting to see what February does in the Hine. This river can fish really well in the hot months with really good dry fly action. The browns stack up down low too.


If you want a good walk, then take a look at the Tauranga Taupo. This river can hold a very good stock of summer fish and is a delight to spot fish in with the low clear water conditions. Wet wading over summer in the TT is a good way to cool off and the Dry Fly Dropper Rig can be amazing fun, even for those little fish. I have my girls next week and we are going to pack a lunch and go exploring in there. I have been waiting for a chance to let them play with their light weight rods and this river is the one to do it on.


The Tongariro certainly had late runs go through. I rafted the top section with a friend on the 27th of december and there were thousands of fresh trout up there. I have never seen so many trout in the top section. It had obviously been smashed hard with angling pressure as they were super super spooky but it was good to see them up there. We didn’t actually spend to much time fishing as the three man Raft we were in was just so much fun we decided to put the rods away and just raft. I have a few friends that have been doing well in the lower reaches. The Tongariro really fired late last year. Apparently the Brown Trout have not entered the system in any great numbers yet but I need to go and check that out for myself.

So please keep tuned on my web site. I promise to be better at reporting this year.

Regards Shane