Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 24th of June 2016

Shane French /

June 24, 2016

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Hey all.

Wow!!! Another month almost gone, July is looming, where are the fish? They have been moving into most of the rivers in dribs and drabs, when we get an increase in water flow then bigger numbers are entering but certainly not in the numbers like last year. They are moving through super fast in all the rivers meaning that if you get onto a group, try and stay with them. Likewise if you are not hitting them or seeing them, move.


I firmly believe now that although the food source in the Lake could be better, it is our large trout that have been severely reduced in numbers over the years, that need to be replaced. Every so often when an angler catches an 8+ pound fish, (and it makes headlines, pfft) that fish probably came from a “big Fish”. The eggs from a large female are huge compared to a three pound silver bullet, the nutriments alone in that sac must give the juvenile trout a much better start in life, yeah? So maybe think twice about taking fish of that size. Yup I feel like a two faced bastard for saying this, as when I started out anything like that was certainly taken but we are learning right and we know that this attitude only brings us to where we are now!

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

Why do I think the food source is ok? Well for a start the vast majority of trout,anglers are catching,are in good condition. Yes there are some skinnies out there but they are generally in groups,which to me just means have not got onto a good food source. That is a pretty damn big lake and if the trout have come out of a river system after spawning and the food is not around, they are not going to recover as quickly, if at all. The issue is not having skinny trout, it is skinny SHORT trout. I’m pretty sure Fish and Game would have it stocked with “R” strain pretty quickly and even if it didn’t work, at least trying to do something about a problem is better than sitting around waiting for it to get worse.

Anyway just my thoughts you don’t have to agree with any of it.

The Waitahanui has trout moving through. It received a fair amount of rain on Wednesday night and when I looked at it Thursday it had really nice colour and was up a wee bit too. I followed up a group of trout in this river and they were moving!


I thought the Hinemaiaia would have been raging on Thursday but it was quite low. like all the rivers the Hine is yet to fire. This year has to be the killer for the Hine as far as the winter access. I have been waiting for this fishery to decline and waiting in horror what’s more. Maybe the continuous taking of 8 to 10 pound trout out of its upper waters for the past 5 years has finally had an impact on it. When this fishery fades there are going to be plenty of tears. Sorry DOC you suck on this one so badly, what an embarrassment your decision makers are. I’m not getting at the crew on the ground, I am sure you are doing your best with the orders you are given. It is the guys at the top who need a spanking!!  Watch those Damn Reeds, (fish spawning beds)  You can identify these as clean  patches of Stones in amongst the darker coloured ones, they are soft to stand on… probably due to all the little baby eggs being squished!!!!


The Tauranga Taupo has blown out big time, reaching 1.45 This is pool changing high water and so going back in there to have a look at any changes might be necessary, what a shame. The TT certainly needed a clean out in some of the upper, middle pools as they had silted over a bit during Summer. This is one river that if the trout are moving through in small numbers I would move. I love going in here after rain with a really simple rig of Split Shot and Glo Bug. If you are searching those trout out in snaggy water then this rig will save you some money. If the water has colour then 8 or 10 pound Mono is perfect. Love the TT I will be in there next week :)


I have not fished the Tongariro for over two weeks now. One would hope it is getting trout moving through and I believe it is but….. They certainly are not sticking around! depending on who you talk to about the Tongariro you will get conflicting reports. I had a friend fish it last week and sucked badly in three different sections :( Yet one or two pictures coming out of the river show really good trout with reports of quite a few landed. I might have a look at this next week but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


We have more rain forecast for both Sat and Sunday now. These rivers are going to stay high and probably even get a top up at some stage. The Waitahanui will remain fishable but will probably get a pounding because of it from anglers. The Hine will just get a pounding anyway. If the wind drops try a Rip, they may just be amassing out there ready to run. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about Wet lining or Rip fishing, I used this method to great success for many years and love it. Having the ability to fish a Rip when the rivers are quiet can be the difference in taking trout or being skunked.

Tight lines be safe.

Regards Shane

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