Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of February 2013

Shane French /

February 26, 2013


Hey all,

What an amazing spell of great weather we have had. The lake is low and all the rivers are running at Summer levels.

I had been fishing the rips leading up to the full moon, with mixed results. If you were lucky to get it right and the trout were in, then you had some fantastic  fishing. However as fast as they could come on, they disappeared just as fast, leaving you bite-less for hours. The sky has been full of stars, I have been hanging out to see a comet :)

DSCF1299I fished the Waitahanui on Monday. I went in at Blakes Road with fishing up to the Limit pool in mind. I encountered a guide at Snag and he had the same idea. Due to fact I’m a good bastard, (and I hadn’t seen a trout all morning) I decided to walk into the middle reaches and fish from the Parade up to  Totara Bridge. I had a good Brown come over to the dry fly I was biffing, which made me miss a heart beat. It was a good fish of about 6 pounds and very fresh. The drift was really horrible to get right and at the last second before his nose came up, the drag affected my drift and he turned away. He never looked again :(

DSCF1290I had a good rainbow on for about 30 seconds in Washer Woman’s. I saw it feeding off the surface and got all excited. On my first drift it came straight over, never hesitated and scoffed it down. I waited for the split second I should have, lifted the rod and was in. I was really surprised when the hook pulled. It must have been just hooked. I had another good Rainbow come up for a look at Tahuas and there was a very good brown trout lurking on the bottom of the pool. I spied an enormous Brown just up from there as well. This was easily double figure and I was kidding myself if I thought I could have landed it with my 5# and so just watched it for a while.

I dropped back down to the lowers and had a look there too. This section is pretty cool to fish in Summer. I fully recommend walking it slowly with a good pair of Polaroids.

Yesterday I fished the upper Hinemaiaia. I was going to shoot down to the Tongariro as a fresh trout would have been nice for the table, however there are some fairly hideous road works going on past Hatepe and so I turned in and headed up this stream instead. I haven’t fished up past the Winter Limit for ages. This part of the river is really stunning. The track is awesome to walk, (probably the best in Taupo for Native beauty) and the pools, although tricky to fish are equally as enticing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe very first Run I came to, I spottered these trout chasing each other around. I watched for a little while to make sure I hadn’t spooked them and on deciding No they were just playing, edged down to the Toi Toi. Due to the river being low I had on a short leader of 8 feet and very little weight for my Dropper. My point fly was the Winged Reaper in Black. I unhooked my leader and using the Bow and Arrow cast launched my Nymphs out. The trout closest in the picture never thought twice about moving up in the water column and gobbling them down. I struck when he turned and I was in. Not bad for my first cast of the day. It was a spawned out trout that had been there for ages and so the fight wasn’t that grand, he had Shag Worm to boot. I would have taken a picture showing off his amazing Gill plate colors but he was tired and needed water, so I flicked the hook out, (barbless, so easy) and slipped him back.

I walked all the way to the Limit. There are pockets of trout but the going was fairly lean. I took a great little fellow all of 1/2 a pound on the dry at one stage. It came completely out of the water, from behind my dry and pounced on it from above. It was the best take on a dry I have ever had and makes me giggle every time I think about it,”Death From Above” :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weed is starting to become an issue on the Hinemaiaia, so if you are going to nymph it, you will need to fish light. A dry Fly and dropper is certainly the way to go. I am using a meter Tippet between my Dry and the lightly weighted dropper. If you get into shallow water and are fishing to a trout then I will sometimes reduce the length of my tippet. At one stage yesterday, I was Nymphing to a trout. I had put about three good drifts over him without success. He was moving slightly from side to side, which always gets me going. It was sitting in about 3 feet of water. I shortened my leader, (to detect the strike faster) and lengthened my Tippet, (to give more natural drift) and you guessed it, first cast hook up. I love it when that happens. Sometimes the effort it takes to change your rig, is the difference between hooking the trout, or walking past it thinking” it was never going to take anyway”!

DSCF1289This photo goes to show two things. 1) I was getting down and 2) this nymph is so good, even Rocks like it.  Seriously though I caught this in the Pig Pool, on the Waitahanui. I fought this thing for a good 10 seconds. I wondered if it was a rock just after hook up but then the current took hold of it and it made a good run down stream :) It swung in the current and I realized it was just a rock. had me going though!

Lesley made me start up a Taupo Fishing, FaceBook Page. I had a client at the start of the year mention I should get off my Butt and do it too. So if you guys would like up to the minute reports and maybe win a few free things as well, look me up and say hello. It would be great to see some of the fish you are hooking.

I would say the Tongariro is the river to be on once again.

Regards Shane