Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 26th Of June 2013

Shane French /

June 26, 2013



Hey all,

First up. The clean up on the Waitahanui by Totara Bridge started yesterday. DOC got the Taupo Council involved and they had some positive talks with the land owners who were as surprised as anyone and wanted it stopped. Anyone who has fished the Waitahanui over the past 20 years realizes the difficulty in access rights that has been ongoing and the patch of land the rubbish was dumped on came into this. Common sense prevailed however, as everyone wanted the River and surrounding land to be clean and kept that way. When it comes down to it we all want new Zealand to be seen as a beautiful place and left that way for the generations to come. So a BIG thank you to all concerned in this. From DOC, the Council, (who acted quickly and professionally) to the land owners who also wanted it dealt with. A big thank you from me.

IMG_0845I fished the Waitahanui on Monday and had a blast. I had the river all to myself for most of the morning and managed to pull trout from all the water I fished. The plan had been to walk up to the Limit Pool but I didn’t quite get that far and turned back early. Most of the trout were fresh and all about the 3 to 3.5 pounds. It goes to show that they can just creep in over night and that you don’t necessarily need that wind or rain. You do have to be out there though to catch them.

Yesterday I fished the Hinemaiaia for a wee while. This river is getting a flogging as I keep saying. PLEASE watch the Spawning beds, I really can’t stress that enough. It certainly has trout going through.

IMG_0858There have been some really good reports of fish going through the Tongariro as well. In fact from one of my regular readers, he believes it is the best fishing he has had in there for well over ten years. There is a good selection of Browns and Rainbows with excellent numbers of Jacks and Hens. We had talked last season about my concerns with the lack of Jacks caught in the Taupo Rivers and I have to admit this year I got it wrong. I have never seen so many Jacks! In fact my catch and release on these boys has stopped somewhat. I’m so happy the fishing has taken the big step forward it needede and I know DOC will be over the Moon.

IMG_0854For any new reader to this site looking at accommodation options in Turangi. You can’t beat the Tongariro River Motel. Both Ross and Pip Baker will bend over backwards, (interesting concept and they might not get back up) for you. Ross is always walking the river talking to anglers and is more than happy to pass that information onto clients, (and the public in general). In short they have their finger on the pulse. Their Motel is clean, comfortable and has that Fishy Aura that can only be a positive thing for a fisherman. Its a really good place to bed down.

We have some fairly decent weather coming in for the next 5 days or so. Clear skies and very cold mornings. Sometimes the trout will run in these conditions as it is COLD Winter weather they need, not just wind and rain. A lot of  anglers who fish the Taupo Systems only venture out when the Rain comes in but in my opinion the trout can run at any stage. These cold mornings and clear crisp days mean you might find yourself alone on the water with a pool full of hungry trout. The only way to find out however is to get out there and do it!

Tight Lines all. Be safe.

Regards Shane