Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 27th Of August 2017

Shane French /

August 27, 2017



Hey all.

What a fantastic season this has turned out to be. It has to be the best in the last 12 years or so, even beating 2015. The trout are plentiful, fat and full of fight. It has certainly bounced back. With all the great reports coming in, I hope many of the anglers who had given up on the Taupo fishery come back to give it another shot.

The Waitahanui has had a very good season, right from the start there have been good numbers of Rainbows moving through, even when the weather has been calm. The best time to hit the Nui is when a Westerly or South Westerly hammers the front. This brings the spawning trout in close, they feel the cold flow and run. However as I say they have been trickling through all season. Add to the fact that there were a tremendous amount of Brown trout in there and well as I say, the Waitahanui has been in excellent form. The tracks are pretty muddy that is probably my only gripe. With all the rain, most of the other rivers and streams have been un fishabe for days on end and because the Nui is spring fed ,it does stay clear a little longer. This means the pressure can be pretty high and the tracks turn into bogs. The rubbish is starting to come back into the Waitahanui and I have had two sessions in there cleaning it up. I am going back in there today with a rubbish bag to do a proper clean up. Nylon is a big problem in there at the moment, come on guys think of nature please. Over summer a friend and I fished a river and came across a little Fan Tail that had got itself all caught up in Nylon in a tree. It had absolutely shredded its wing and was left hanging. Simon and I had to cut down some branches to get to it, got pretty wet in the process and then had to put the little thing out of its misery. It is the first time I have ever seen anything like this and was not nice to think of the pain this little guy went through.


The Hinemaiaia. The river that keeps on giving. I read some report saying that we need to take every fish we catch on this river and that if you don’t your a fool. I couldn’t believe what I read, how backwards is that thinking. just because a river is producing does not mean you have to rape it. Choose wisely and the fishery might sustain itself, take everything and not only are you ignorant but in my opinion your pretty silly. Some good trout have come out of the Hine,even though the water levels have been high for some weeks. A good size Glo Bug and a bit of weight are needed at times in these conditions but if you persevere you will reap the rewards. A friend and I fished the Hine last Sunday and had a great couple of hours on there. We followed up a few anglers but because of the rig we were using we pulled trout continuously. The Glo Bugs I am selling on my web site at the moment are doing the job in all the rivers and I am getting some excellent reports back from them. They are not the cheapest out there but I do back them!!

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

The Tauranga Taupo has fished really well this season. I have received some excellent reports back from this fabulous river. I made the fatal mistake of going into the section just above the bridge the other day. Bloody hell did I lose some gear. I threw my toys from the pram after losing about ten rigs and walked back to the car with my tail firmly between my legs. I know the upper and middle pools are pretty snag free but wow that lower section is a mine field. With all the high water the TT has had over the past few weeks, I would not be surprised if the trout were not really holding in the middle pools. Sometimes they just go through gradually over the days that the water is high and are not in numbers in the middle pools. Again Glo Bugs on this river whilst the system is flowing between .45 and .6, I drove past there the other day and counted 17 cars… Gahhh!

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

I have not been down to the Tongariro pretty much all season. I am good to walk on the other rivers but just at the moment am a bit of a lame duck on bigger boulders. The last operation I had on my knee has started to come right but this was a nasty opp and is taking a bit of time to come right. Ross from TRM is putting out some truthful reports for once :) and by all accounts there are some really good fish coming out of the Tongariro in good numbers. By the sounds of it they are all the way through too. The pressure has been pretty high at times but if you know the river then there is always a spot to get away from the crowds, you just need to do a little exploring and that my friends is what makes trout fishing so much fun. Putting some food and drink into a back pack and walking a river system, looking into all the nooks and crannies. By doing this you will find a quiet little spot to flick a fly and hopefully pull a fish or two.

We are due more rain next week and this may very well bring up the river levels again. We are only in August and for the past (many years) the best fishing in Taupo has been September and October. So don’t put your rods away yet as maybe the best is yet to come.

Tight lines


VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

  • Shayne Waitere-Kennedy

    Ladies and gents, I must say I haven’t fished with Shane in a long time, we use to tie glowbugs together and then go fishing, and brag about who’s was better. Well I’m pleased to say the banter continued until last Sunday…
    We ran exactly the same rigs weight wise, the only difference “his bugs” vs “my bugs”
    Through exactly the same pool his glow bugs out fished mine, even using similar colour.
    Whilst I picked up a couple of fish, I admitted defeat “cost me a bottle of wine” and asked for the Shane French special, I then went on to fish this fly for the day and picked up fish consistently. He even gave a couple of kids on the Waitahanui one as they weren’t catching a thing, They caught up to us showing off their just landed 6.5lb Brownie on the size 10 Glowbug of Shane’s. They are not your shop purchased bug’s, they’re hard wearing and have plenty of yarn in there, and over Shanes 40 years of Taupo fishing I think he’s developed something special, Ive tried to copy it but the shank weaves of red poly and the bunching of his colours that make this fly so terrific are to frustrating for me to tie. Before we left I managed to snag 10 off him that I’ve also been using in Rotorua with great success. A globug simply isn’t just a Glowbug!