Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th Of May 2016

Shane French /

May 29, 2016



Oh Wow!!

Man there better be some trout in all the rivers when they finally drop, as the lead up to the high un-fishable levels of the past few days, was in short… Crap! Very few trout in all the rivers with the fish moving through going like bats out hell. If you got onto a pocket of trout then hopefully you did ok and stayed with them. However for most of the anglers out there it has been a very tough start to the season, not at all like last year, in fact the opposite. Just to put a nail in the coffin, the condition has been pretty dubious as well :( Oh Shit!!!

If we have a shit season can we move to fish and Game PLEASE!!!!

The trout coming out of the Rotorua area are nothing short of behemoth.

Just Sayin.


So here is the low down on the rivers as at today.

The Waitahanui looked beautiful yesterday when I drove past checking the levels. It had a nice touch of colour but the volume was up and that is what we needed in there. With the North Westerly that has been steadily blowing in there, we should have a run in the Nui. I actually got up this morning and was going to have a flick in there but the colour was right up after last nights rain and so I came home :( .

The Hine was only just fishable yesterday but it has had fish go through.

The Tauranga Taupo was in pretty good nick there early in the week for about 3/4 of a day before the heavens opened up and the level shot up! It has been high for a few days now and will be fun to poke around in when the level drops next week. Man I hope it has trout through it.

The Tongariro was almost fishable until something sparked a huge rise in level and it was brown and horrible looking when I got down there at 2.30 This is one river that needs a bloody good run of silver fat fish to go through because it was pretty bloody empty leading up to it!!

With all the rivers Blown out The Rotorua lake edges might be the go or even up at lake O

If you get stuck for ideas feel free to call.


Above picture was the Tongariro river at the Major Jones Bridge 2.30 pm Saturday!!

Regards Shane

  • Tauwhare G Barton

    What’s the reports since this rain Shane?