Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 29th Of April 2014

Shane French /

April 29, 2014


Hey all.

Yup we got the rain that I wanted! It can stop now as I am going back country on Saturday and as of now most rivers are running high. The river we are going into has the potential for trophy fish at this time of year as they have had all summer to eat! Hopefully I will have some video footage and some good pictures to go with it.

The Waitahanui is either hot or cold. I fished there last week and did ok, then went back the next day and got skunked :( It was running really low and very clear, even the deep holes looked shallow. The report for today on the Waitahanui is that there are trout in there and it has a wee bit of colour as well. It came up a bit but not too much. There are some silver fish coming out of there as well as a few older fish.

DSCF2673I did really well in the Hinemaiaia last week and then like the Waitahanui it sucked the next day. The river itself looks really good and I am looking forward to fishing the upper pools over the next month. I took a nice 4 pound Hen from here that had tiny little eggs. The flesh was red and it smoked up a treat.

I went for a drive down to Turangi today. The Tauranga Taupo was up in volume and looked like it had too much colour in it for my liking, however it will be perfect tomorrow if we don’t get any more rain tonight.

The Tongariro was up as well and the flow on the Genisis Chart showed this as well. There were a few anglers in the Bridge pool. I am sure trout will have moved into the Tongariro and like the TT it should be prefect tomorrow.

We have good weather from now till the weekend so the rivers will all be fishable by then. There should be some nice silver fish in all the rivers.

Go get em.

Regards Shane