Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 31st Of May 2013

Shane French /

May 31, 2013


Hey All

Sorry guys this will be a short one. This week has gone past way to quickly.

IMG_0134Me personally. I have found the fishing rather hard over the past week! The Hine didn’t live up to any reputation that I had. The water volume was great and we had wind. The fresh trout that came out of there were in awesome condition. I had a great Hen of about 4.5 pounds slid out of the net the second the hook was removed. :( This was a beautiful trout and the picture would have been magic, man they can get away fast.

I fished the Waitahanui Rip the other night before the Moon showed up. 3 hours for no strikes. They sure as hell aren’t stacking up in the rips. This may mean they are just coming in over the shelve and going straight in, when they run. Its a be there at the right time sort of thing.

IMG_0457I fished the Waimarino yesterday for my big day out. I got out a little later than expected and so walked past the middle section. I did fish the lower. I had a plan that any trout coming in would be in the uppers trying to find a deep hole to sit in for when the water level dropped. I did a pretty big day yesterday and walked way past the Winter Limit. I saw three trout!!!!!!!! :( They were bunched together at that. On my way back down I went through the middle section thinking a pod might be there, na not a fish. I have a fair ability at spotting the little buggers and the water was clear. I wasn’t worried about the lack of fishing, as I moved further up the river than I had before and looked at some very attractive water. However it should have had trout in it. This is not a “freak out” comment directed at fish numbers in the lake, it is more about poaching than anything. This river has a reputation for poaching, is VERY easy to poach on and in the past has even claimed the life of a poacher, (fell into his net and drowned).

DOC needs feet on the street. so to speak. I haven’t had my license checked for well over four years and you guys know how much I am out there. I’d be more than happy to deal with poachers and to check licenses.

I hope the Tauranga Taupo and The Tongariro had trout move in.

Enjoy the pics.

Regards Shane



IMG_0430 IMG_0465