Lake Taupo Trout fishing Report For The 3rd Of February 2013

Shane French /

February 3, 2013

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Hey All.

DSCF0860 - CopySo some pretty interesting stuff going on right now with this web site. I have decided to swap my focus from Guiding. What time left I have on my knee, I want to be using it for myself. Its been a hard couple of months getting my head around that. A plan needed to be hatched quickly! It so happens that for the past couple of years now I have been selling the odd fly or Indicator through my web site. Lesley and I decided to take those sales a little further and maybe move in that direction. So I have sourced material and been a very busy boy at the bench. The items you will see for sale on my web site, (fingers crossed Steve), are all top quality “Extensively Field Tested” products I recommend. This should be going live on Monday the fourth. Its going to be an interesting time ahead for us.

DSCF2785 - CopyAlthough I no longer guide I will still be bringing you reports as I love doing so, knowing how many of you read them. It is the main reason I am keeping this side of my business live. A big thank you for all the support over the years, especially from the Aussies, your a good bunch of buggers even if you can’t cast :) Please make use of my services when it comes to river advice and what to bring or use. That is a free service and only an email away. I’ll even point you onto a good guide if you require one. It’s been an interesting ride but I need to hop off now.

On Saturday I had a look at all the rivers in Taupo.

The Waitahanui is clear as gin :) the pools are deep from the Winter rains and it looks awesome. If you take your time with this river and admire its beauty and charm, it can be very relaxing. That wasn’t the plan on Saturday, so I walked quickly peering in all my little spots. Yes there are fish in there but not as many as I would have thought. One or two Browns but nothing fresh! The rip has been slow too.

DSCF1191 - CopyI did two sections on the Hinemaiaia, Middle low and high. Maybe I should have done Low as there were only these poor little darlings up there. This one pounced on my” Blue Winged Reaper”. This “trout taking machine” of a Nymph will be available next week for sale, it took over ummmm maybe 20 fish on the Hine, Saturday! Nothing over 1 pound but I had a blast with my 5# and a dry and Dropper Rig. I am using Barbless hooks all the time now. This #12 glided out of his little mouth, where as a Barb would have torn it off. Anyway the Hine has lots of small trout in there. The weed is starting to become an issue so don’t go to heavy, (hence the Dry and Dropper). I heard the Rip was fishing very hard too :(

The Tauranga Taupo was pretty much empty of Trout in the section I did. I expected more from this river. I only looked at one section however and they might have all been”just around the next bend”. I have had good success on the TT in Summer, I rate it, if you are stealthy, can spot trout and can cast. Some of the water I came across was really nice and if it doesn’t get smashed from a flood between now and Winter, this river will be fun to fish.

DSCF1201 - CopyI hoped in at the Bridge on the Waimarino and had a walk up the straight. There were two Massive Browns in a top piece of water and I got a look from this fella but it wasn’t what they wanted and all they wanted was sleep!

I even had a look at the Waiotaka. Man this is a snag feast. Tight casting and Black Berry for Africa. I actually hooked a really nice Brown in here on a Blind cast. It was a tight little spot but looked fishy. The second my dry hit the surface it was nailed by this big Brown Gob. The fight didn’t last as long as I would have liked, due to mid stream release but I got a kick out of it anyway. First brown I have hooked in that river ever.

DSCF1206 - CopySo I knew the Tongariro was having a recreational release day Saturday and so was interested to see if it would wake the trout up. I was lazy and sore by this stage so fished around the Major Jones. I also picked up 5 trout all around 2.5 to 3 pounds in very quick succession. If I was going to fish any water in Taupo at this stage of the game, it would be the Tongariro. It has the largest, steadiest flow over summer. The trout have plenty of places to rest and hide and the hatches and insect life are a good source of food. Go the Tongariro. Yes Ross you can quote me on that :) The Browns have been reported in there but I bet like all the other rivers, they haven’t turned up in numbers yet. So the best of summer fishing has yet to come.

Enjoy the spoils of Living in New Zealand and get out and enjoy it. Be safe while doing it.

Thank you again for your support.