Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 3rd Of March 2013

Shane French /

March 18, 2013


Hey all,

Like most of New Zealand we need rain and a fair amount of it too. The Lake is the lowest I have seen it! Poor old Mighty Rover Power will be struggling with their balancing act to keep everyone happy, good luck there guys.

It is a bit of a hit and miss experience out on the lake. If you are onto them, then you will be having some great sport and the condition factor is excellent. However if you are finding it hard then really, you will struggle. They are either there or they aren’t!

DSCF1400The Browns have finally started to turn up at the river mouths with the change in moon phase, so if you are keen for some action there, this is the time. The little bit of rain we had yesterday and again today may just help push them through, not because of the water flow but more for the extra darkness the cloud produces. The humidity will jump a little as well and produce some of those amazing hatches at night time. If you have never encountered what this is like, then you are lucky. Trying to untie a knot, or re tie a fly with your head light on and a Million crazy insects trying to enter your nose, ears and mouth is quite an experience :)

DSCF1358The Waitahanui has good numbers of Browns throughout its course. First thing in the morning is best for these before the sun comes up and they drift off to sleep. Try a green Cadis in here for them, or if that does not work a dreaded Glo Bug! There are some nice Rainbows in here as well that will hit a dry fly. Take your time through the water.

The Hine is low and weedy. You will need to fish this with a dry and dropper. I have been told a few good rainbows have made their way up stream past the bridge.

The TT is so low it looks like a trickle going under the Bridge, not the second biggest flow in the Taupo region. Every time I have gone past this river I have not seen a single car in the car park. You will have this river all to yourself.

The Tongariro is where you need to be. It has good numbers of Browns and Rainbows lurking in the deeper pools and runs. It has received a little bit of pressure over the past weeks, as the reports of good trout have filtered through. The Winged Reaper is the fly to use in here, it takes both Browns and Rainbows.

DSCF1342I picked Alex up at 6.00am last Friday and we shot South. We had done the homework on a river system and wanted to get in and have a look. We knew the walk in and out was going to be hard going and so gave ourselves extra time. neither of us had fished this water and there were no write ups about it in any books we use for reference. It was a gamble and as it will likely be the last Back country river I fish before I have my next operation, I wanted it to be a good one. I was not disappointed.

After doing the massive walk in we reached the confluence we were after and re rigged. I say re rigged as we were thinking dry fly but on looking at the deep pools and runs we decided it was best to Nymph it. This has been the main style of fishing for us this season. We have been trialing out nymphs to sell and that has been excellent as we have total confidence in their trout taking abilities. After the first two pools came up a blank we looked at out rigs. I decided I needed to go longer in the leader and heavier on my dropper. The very first pool I gave this a go with, I was in. Alex is no fool and so he changed his up as well and from that point forward we pulled trout from everywhere. This water is so remote it had not seen any anglers at all. I am always looking out for foot prints in soft sand and there were None :) By the time we decided to head home it was late in the afternoon and I knew I was going to be late in contacting Lesley. We got back to the car just after 7.30 and I staggered through the door a little after 10.00. The rest of the weekend was spent with Ice packs and pain killers.

This water has the ability to hold Trophy trout and we will be back in there next season with our overnight kit. Alex and I have worked hard this season to find water un touched by other anglers and we succeeded with this river. It can be done if you look hard enough and are prepared to put in the hard yards.

Anyone who has been out with me and seen my love of Eels knows I don’t really have any fear when it comes to playing with them. I met my match on Friday with a magnificent specimen of about 12 to 14 pounds. This was a highly aggressive fella that got very pissy about me standing in the water and trying to pat him on the head. I decided to give him a wide birth after he attempted to take my hand off at the wrist. If he had latched on and twisted I might have been in a spot of trouble and Alex had already made it clear he was going to have a little hissy fit and not carry me out. We have some video footage on Alex’s Go Pro of me trying to be the man and failing. It was a great day for lots of reasons.

The two Nymphs that were the success story for us were the Black Bodied Hairy Reaper and the Black Beauty. Obviously “Black” was on the menu in this river system.

be safe out there.

Regards Shane

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