Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 4th Of May 2017

Shane French /

May 4, 2017





Hey All.

If you haven’t dusted off your winter gear and had a flick in one of the Taupo rivers yet, then you need to. It has been a fantastic start to the winter season, I am a very pleased angler. The Rips have fired for me and I have landed some stunning Trout, both Rainbows and Browns. The rivers have stayed high due to the consistent rain we seem to be getting and that has meant Trout have steadily trickled through, or in some cases decent runs have gone through. This applies to all the Taupo rivers.


The Waitahanui River: Yeah as I suspected, the fact we had such a windy summer meant that the usual slaying of trout out the front of this river, didn’t really happen. Boats could not “Harl” the drop off, those trout have now started to run the Nui. Add to that the river is going straight out, instead of going down the straight. This means more fish are getting through. The Waitahanui will have a good season this year. It has great flow to it, the pools are going to be deep and clean.

IMG_0724 (2)

The Hinemaiaia. There is some really nice water below the bridge this year. Hopefully the other rivers will have a great season and take the pressure off the Hine. Please have a thought about this river. I know I go on about it but…..

VIRB Picture

VIRB Picture

The Tauranga Taupo: Man I love this river. It has deep pools and stunning runs that tweak my blood pressure whenever I see them. I have fished this a few times so far this season. I even got Alana my eldest onto four really good trout a few weeks ago. She ended up landing a stunning Jack of about 4 pounds. All the trout this year have been in great condition, this has been from all the rivers. However the TT has certainly had some “Whales”, fighting well out of their weight range. Glo Bugs have been the main taker so far over the past few weeks. I am using the 4.5 ml Big Boy Bomb then a Glo Bug. Anyway it seems there are good numbers of fish consistently moving through the TT.


The Tongariro: Like all the other rivers the mighty Tongariro is having a great start to the season. Throw in the fact that there are heap of really big Browns in there that are being caught every now and again and ..well you do really need to give this river a go. A friend and I rafted down from the Blue pool a few weeks ago and had a blast. There were trout all the way through, right down to the bridge. I caught fish in all the water we stopped at. It is a good sign when at the start of the season the Tongariro has fish throughout.



As I mentioned the “Rips” have fired nice and early. I was in a rip the other night and the trout were smacking into my legs as they went through. It scared the crap out of me at first and I thought I was “seeing things” when I turned my headlight on and saw them around me. I certainly shortened up my cast :) I have done really well with little Lumo’s in all the Rips I have fished. I have had reports of some very nice fish coming out of the lake, when the weather is nice enough to get out. Hopefully this season is going to be a good one, it is stacking up to be.

Regards Shane



  • Richard Wooffindin

    Hi Shane, im over in the area next school holidays and am looking to sneak away one night and fish the Waitahanui rip. All though I have fished the rip at Waihaha for many years. iv never done the same on the eastern shore and have no idea of the dynamics of the lake bead or how it fishes. Any tips you might provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Richard