Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report and Guiding for The 05/04/0

Shane French /

April 5, 2009

Hey All,

Sorry I didn’t get this report in sooner, the days are flashing by at the moment!

Backcountry Magic

Backcountry Magic

On Friday I decided to have a good look at the Hinemaiaia above the bridge. This section of river only has another two months of fishing before it is closed to fishing. I had heard that some of the pools had changed from the last good rain we had and so needed to check it out. The Hine is one of those rivers that you can loose a heap of gear on if you are not careful!

I decided on a three fly rig, a tapered Fluro leader going down to six pound and one of my little sliding indicators. I used a rubber legged copper John for the dropper, a Red Bodied Smoots Bloody Marie as the middle fly and a Quassi for the point fly. I stayed in the river as much as possible and basically fished everything I could. This type of flyfishing is great for the skills as it teaches you to look for high probability water.

fat and Small!

fat and Small!

I picked up this FAT but SMALL Jack within the first ten minutes, then literally slayed them for the next 200 meters, none of them bigger than the first Jack. I was using the little 5# Axiom from temple Fork and it did the job beautifully.

At this time of year if a group of trout enter the river, they might stay as a group and move through.This means you will have sections of river almost devoid of trout.  Try and move through fairly quickly, until you either find another group of trout ,or decide to go back and re fish the section with trout.

The beautiful Hinemaiaia

The beautiful Hinemaiaia

As it was, I struggled for about 2 hours after the initial slaying, only picking up fingerling’s, (although on a 5 weight they made me giggle). I then picked up a few more fish above the cliff pool. By this stage however I was more on a recce mode than fishing mode. The river looks excellent and I can’t wait for the runs to begin on here.

For that reason I have a guiding special for the Hine, until the close of the upper section. $ 350 for a full day max two people, (some conditions apply). Contact me for more details. Come and have a full day exploring the Hinemaiaia. Fish of over 10 pounds are taken here most years with many over 7. This is a very special river! It can be daunting for anglers because of the reputation of snags. Let me show you some of the secrets to successfully taking trout on the Hinemaiaia. Keep an eye out for radical specials over the winter season guys, I need the guiding to become as full time as possible.

Heard a report that the Tauranga Taupo River mouth is fishing well. We need some rain and so I am sure the trout will be massing at the drop offs waiting for that right time! Try a small, Green Hairy dog here as well.

That’s me for now, take care out on the water.

Regards Shane