Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report And Guiding For The 18/03/09

Shane French /

March 18, 2009

Hey All,

Just a quick update on the fishing in Taupo. I have been guiding all week and still have the next four days with the same crowd, except we are heading over to the Ruikituri for this time. Aussies are so much fun, I love guiding you guys.

We have fished all the Taupo rivers this week with success in all but the Tauranga Taupo.

One of the crew wanted to pull a trout from the Tongariro as it was on his “”tick list”” so we managed to get him a silver beauty from the Major Jones. The smile on his face is the reason I love guiding. Glow bugs first up in the morning and then Cadillac PTĀ  from then on. Plenty of trout in here at the moment.

The TT is full of small trout and if you were going to fish here I would get up the top. I heard a report last week that the Rangers pool was full of trout! Remember the top is still open!!

I thought the Hine was hard going but a report just in said it had a small run of very nice fish go through in the last few days.

We had a great afternoon on the Waitahanui and managed to take a feeding trout on a size 20 caddis dry. What a thrill watching this fish glide over and sip it in. We were all buzzing about that. Shit loads of Trout in the Waitahanui, not always easy to catch but a lot of fun spotting and fishing to them, go the Nui!!

Yesterday we all got into the truck and headed over to the Ngongotaha in Rotorua. Yes I know Ross will be huffing and puffing and booffyy will be chasing whats left of his tail, but hey guys it is a brilliant piece of water, my guys loved it. Phill had struggled to land a trout all week being busted off on a few occasions and so he was my main target of the day. Luckly in the first pool we came to he hooked up and brilliantly managed to land a lovely little three pounder that tested his 5# to the max, pressure off the guide!! This river is FULL of trout but they had their mouths firmly shut yesterday and were terribly spooky. The banks were well trodden and so I believe it has had some pressure. It rained on us like I have never seen in my life as well and so the day was cut short a little as we were all soaked, even with heavy duty raincoats.

So I will report back in a few days. Yes I have resigned from my job as a chef. It seems the industry is the same as it always was. Shit bosses who promote themselves as saints and turn out to be dicks. F#@! that for a living.

Please keep as eye out for some Winter specials I will have running and for some end of season back country trips away. Get a group of friends together and I will do you a deal and cater to your needs.

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