Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report And River Guiding For 20/04/09

Shane French /

April 20, 2009

Hey All,
Wow what a busy Easter and first week of the school holidays we have had. I apologize for the lack of reports and hope this very up to date one helps.

Damn what do I try next!!

Damn what do I try next!!

All the back country water is very low and has made the going hard at times. If you are planning a trip into these areas make sure you have water to fish!! Trout will drop back downstream as the volume decreases. Small prince Nymphs and something Flashy behind it, doing the damage for me. The trout are “Fat” and full of fight! I took my Steven for a huge recce the other day and he has made up a new video clip for you to have a look at. Thank god I can hear you all say!!

The Waitahanui over Easter was ridiculous, I have never seen so many people on there!!! Some of the trout taken out were very nice trout, with a good mixture of Jacks and Hens. I met two young anglers, (Joseph and Luke) on the water one day, and the trout they had were excellent!! No probs on where I met you too Joseph, It is the safe option that you were taking and I do it too. Those dogs piss me off!! A mixture of Glo bugs and Quassies on this river.

dscf4852I took two young guys from Wellington onto the Hine Saturday. They had taken me up on the $350 full day guide offer, I have going at the moment on this river. Yes yes that was a hint. Both guys could fish very well and were punching well above their weight when it came to river skills and fishing in general. The trout were in small groups but there were plenty of them. Amongst the freshies that are in there, we also pulled a few very dark trout out as well. These guys were full on spawning as you can see from their gill markings. The river is in fantastic condition and I can’t wait for the season to heat up on the Hine. We used our 5 weights in here and so all the hook ups were fun! Prince nymphs and Quassies doing the trick here

The Tauranga Taupo is LOW and clear, you would be brave to fish it, but you would most likely have it to yourself. First good rain we get and this river will “Go Off”!!

dscf4845I guided on the Tongariro yesterday and had a blast. The recreational release certainly pushed a few fresh trout in and certainly pushed a few downstream into the lower sections. We started off wet lining at the Bain pool where my client hooked up onto a monster of a trout!!! I am the proud owner of an 8# SAS from Kilwel and this rod was bent to the first guide. It was a short fight, but in that time it proved itself to be a VERY big trout. We had numerous hits using Red Rabbits and Green woolly buggers in size 8. We hooked and dropped a beauty in the Major Jones that would have gone an honest 6 pounds. We switched to the nymphing gear and pulled a few out with this technique using unweighted size 16 flash back PT’s. Again all work with the Nymph was handled using a six weight rod. There are a heap of trout in the Tongariro and some of them are brutes. I thought I saw Ross in the bushes doing something to BOOOFFFYYY and so left the area fast!!

In general the trout that are coming out and that can be seen in the rivers are good fat healthy fish who have been feeding well. I am really looking forward to this season.

Regards Shane