Lake taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 018th Of November 2010

Shane French /

November 8, 2010

Hey All,

Wow what a busy week I have had and am still having, hence the lack of reports. The weekend saw me walking pretty much every river this side of Turangi hunting for anything over 4 pounds. Three weeks ago that would have been easy, last weekend it was bloody near impossible. I didn’t do much talking up about the annual contest that this web site has with TRM, (oops sorry Tonagriro River Motel!!!) this year. In fact we weren’t sure it was going to go ahead. Ross even gave us the whole of Taupo to fish apart from the Tonagriro and so I couldn’t refuse that offer.

I was up at 5am Saturday and was putting through my first drift in the Pig Pool, (Waitahanui) by 6am. I walked all the way to the Limit pool and back down again for ONE trout. I even used Ralph the slayers secret glo bugs!! I then shot over to the Hine and did a huge beat on there. I didn’t even get a touch on this river! Back to the Nui as there was a bit of a blow coming in. I did all the lowers plus most of the middle section. Never saw a bloody trout, that’s a heap of river. The phone call that night from Ross raised my spirits as the leading trout was just under 4 pounds, surly I could beat that.

Now the interesting thing is that the rain we had on Friday APPARENTLY pushed up the TT river levels, (cough cough BS!!) I didn’t want to have to fish this river as it was TOO close to the Tonagriro but OMG they weren’t going to beat me this year. So in I went. Hells bells it was low and clear and I didn’t see a bloody trout, I fished it hard too. So feeling rather subdued I walked back to the car, (a little to fast it appears). When I rocked up to Turangi it was about 3/4 to early, so I shot down through the town to the lower Bridge pool. Second cast and I landed a nice 3 and 3/4 pound hen. God I hate that!!!!

Now here is the thing that cracks me up, they couldn’t produce the winning trout. One of the contestants walked past with some smoked trout but the fillets looked like sardines and so surly that couldn’t be the winning trout!!! Anyway I believe you Ross!! Next year we are going to have it nice and early and hopefully we will have some sponsored prizes. Although the winning trout will have to be displayed, not photoed and emailed but in the flesh on ice.

All the Taupo rivers are fishing hard. If you want trout then go to the Tonagriro, it is by FAR the best in the region, (at the moment you gloating old bastard). Haha I still have the trophy though!!

Regards Shane