Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 01st Of December 2009

Shane French /

December 1, 2009


Hey All,

I have updated my home page for those who like to read that, hope it inspires you to get here sometime over summer.

I walked the lower and some of the middle reaches of the Waitahanui the other day, spotting a few fresh run trout. It was hard going though and we need a little bit of unsettled weather perhaps to spark a run. This week may produce some of that for us and push a few up into all the rivers.

dscf03361Of course the Hinemaiaia and other tribs are open above their winter limits as of today and so for the next few weeks these sections will get a bit of a thumping. The fishing is normally red hot for this time until the trout either get taken or are pushed back down into the lake. We generally have a little quiet spell before the summer months and those awesome hatches that can happen in the Central plateau.

I am hoping to make it onto the Hine at some stage soon to see what is in there.

Apparently, (thank you Paul) there are some nice Trout being taken from the lake and most of them are in excellent condition. Still a little on the small side but Fat and full of fight. As mentioned before, I have heard of good numbers of smelt out there and that is what we need for the fishery to bounce back, this is all very good news.

Regards Shane