Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 01st of September 2008

Shane French /

September 1, 2008

Hey All,

looking up into Cliff poolI did three of the Taupo rivers today moving through the water fairly quickly, although I have to say that in some pools I gave it a very good thrashing as it did all look so fishy!

Hen taken down from PigI started in the cliff pool of the Waitahanui where I had a strike but missed. From there I shot up to Totara and again did not hook up. I spoke to Luke the young angler that spends a bit of time on the Waitahanui. He had just been smoked by a large Brown in a lower pool. He told me that yesterday was good on the Nui and the fish were in good condition. He disappeared up to pig and dropped in just below him, picking up a very nice Hen on my first cast.

Nice piece of water on the HinemaiaiaFrom there I shot over to the Hinemaiaia, this has been too high and colored to fish for some time now but today it was almost perfect.

dscf0004.JPGI spent a lot of time on the straight and just below as the water there looked yummy! The other anglers on the water didn’t look like they were having much success and so I decided to go back and flog the bridge pool, On my twentieth or so cast I hooked this very good Hen and managed after a hell of a fight to net it. Next cast I dropped the Jack that although was a little coloured was a brute! I manged to pull out another Hen a few casts later. All these fish were about 3.5 pounds but in very good condition.

Lower Tauranga TaupoFrom there I drove down to the Tauranaga Taupo and dropped in just above the bridge. The TT is in fantastic nick at the moment, all the pools look great and those little riffles are Soooooooooo tempting! What I love about the lower section on this river is that the angling pressure is normally low. I never saw another angler on here.

Great conditioned fish from the TTI used Champagne Red Dot Glo Bugs all afternoon and picked up about nine fish in total, not one of them was in bad shape. That seems to be the way of things in the Taupo fishery at the moment. You get a badrun of fish comming through that are skinny and short and then you get a good run of fatties. Bring on the Fatties!!!!

and anotherTomorrow I am down on the Tonagriro with a friend, I haven’t fished this river for ages and am really looking forward to having a drift on it.

Little fatty from the HinemaiaiaHope you enjoy the video section of the web site I will build it up and that means I have to get out there and do some fishing, Oh what a shame.

Regards Shane