Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 02 May 2008

Shane French /

May 2, 2008

Hey all,

Well we certainly got the rain again! Great for the lake level though.

Both the Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro are unfishable this morning with the TT being just under .700 and the Tonga’s running at 73.

Once again the poor old Hinemaiaia and Waitahanui will get a thumping being the only fishable water. Both these rivers have a few Trout in them but sometimes they are few and far between. Best advice would be to move around and find them. I fished both these rivers yesterday and got skunked on both, hate that!

I fished the Hinemaiaia Wednesday afternoon with Brett and although we picked up 7 fish between us, it was hard going. Great to see that all the trout hooked were in excellent condition. Heaps better than last year.

A good solid report in from the Waitahanui yesterday was that there had been runs into the river but the fish were scattered well and in small groups. If you got onto them, it was quite easy to over step them. I saw some of the fish kept from the river and they were all in exceptional condition.

We have the Southerly at the moment with a drop in temperature. Bring on Winter!!!!

Here’s a couple of facts about Didymo that you might not know:

First and utmost. I would like to say how terribly sorry I am to all South Island readers of The government in MY opinion have been slack in their management of this situation.They have acted VERY slowly and in the most important cases, not acted at all. They have accepted that Didymo is here and have rolled over like beaten puppies.

Quarentening the North Island from water borne activities from the South island, (and tightening up on international flights), is the only realistic way of slowing down its RAPID spread through New Zealand. The ramifications spread far and wide if we let this aggressive weed take over. On a money level it will cost New Zealanders MILLIONS a year. You can read the impact report Bio New Zealand had preaped, on their web site.They are fully aware of the potential this posses. The scary thing is as NO OTHER COUNTRY have ever compiled information on Didymo the figure quoted in the impact report could be WAY off.

On a personal view. For Gods sake New Zealand are we going to sit there meekly and watch the destruction of our Rivers and Lakes, our way of life. Anyone reading this at the moment enjoys Trout fishing and because of that enjoys the outdoor exsistance, (it brings you closer to nature). This is gone guys, not under threat BUT GONE, if Didymo hits the North Island. As I say South Islanders I am terribly sorry for my next words. The South Island has gone. Didymo will spread, probably faster and faster, until all the rivers and tribs contain it. Didymo can reduce fish numbers in rivers by up to 90%. You poor bastards, I am so sorry. The North however is still free, AT THE MOMENT. This is were we fight it. As I say the Government has the view “it is here and we should accept it” My view is we should put a barrier around the North island and try and buy the scientists some time to come up with something. By not doing this Bio Security NZ is condemning the North Island and trout fishing in New Zealand will become a thing of the past!

Guys I want feedback on this please. Even if you call me horrible names, I want to know how YOU feel about it. Please join the Forum as I discussion going on this would be good! We need to come up with some ideas and put it too the Government, we need to bring attention to this via the media, (John Campbell) and get New Zealand looking at this seriously, then looking at the Government and asking questions.

Tight lines